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Tyrese on the Wendy Williams Show: "It's Expected of Men to Cheat"

What did he just say? Is what I thought when I had to rewind my DVR to hear Tyrese again answering Wendy Williams question: Why do mean cheat?

Actor and singer Tyrese, recently wrote a self-help book How to get out your own way and went on the Wendy Williams show to talk about it. 

He also discussed Will Smith inspiring him and started getting deep into the advice he took in from Will.

In Tyrese's new book he gives advice to women regarding cheating. And then Wendy asks him the question that I'm sure all the ladies in the audience were waiting to hear the answer to.

"Can you tell us why men cheat?," she asked.

“I don’t have all the answers, but I can say that most mothers raised their daughters to believe that if you cook, clean, thoroughly take care of your man and go all out for your man, that should keep him home. Unfortunately that’s not the truth..." Tyrese shares.

Wendy then asked him, “well, what if you get cheated on by your next wife. Does she get a pass?”

“No way. See, it’s expected of men to cheat..."

Wendy interrupted and jokingly said, "Ok it's time for you to go!"

And then Tyrese said "let me clean it up a little bit." He then explained cheating is apart of a mans upbringing.

Listen to part of the interview below: