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America's Best Dance Crew: The Crews Dance to Justin Bieber Songs This Week

This week all the crews had to do challenges from Justin Bieber's movie Never say Never.

The teenage sensations, Iconic Boyz were called first and they had to incorporate basketball into their dance routine as their challenge. Dancing to a mix of Bieber's "Baby" D-Trix's voice was incorporated into the mix when he called them a bunch of dancing Biebers a couple of weeks ago.

The New Jersey-based crew members show off their skills.JC called their routine simple this week as the crowd boo'd him.

"There were a lot of moments when you guys were jumping around doing easy stuff," he said. 

"No disrespect to JC, don't be a crackhead man, straight up," D-Trix said. "I don't think you guys were just jumping around I thought you guys brought the heat this week," admitting he has Bieber fever and now Iconic fever.

The next crews saved were IaMme and Phunk Phenomenon.

The Houston-based crew keeps the crowd pumped with a high-energy performance.IaMme had to do the Usher glide as their challenge. Dancing to Bieber's "Somebody to Love" they glided throughout their whole performance. 

As soon as this crew started I was like, these guys are freaking creative. I think I'm starting to have a new favorite crew here, they are wow-ing me as well as the judges from week to week.

For Phunk Phenomenon's challenge they had to use a theme incorporating intricate step choreography.

One of the members of Phunk Phenomenon takes flight.
Playing the part as well as dressing up like dancing Bieber's, Phunk Phenomenon performed to "Eenie Meenie" killing the step challenge.

Bebo did a reverse hand spin and three back flips without putting his hands down once.

The judges were all pleased with their performance and style, saying they adapted to their challenge well.

In the bottom this week were two of my favorite crews: Instant Noodles and Street Kingdom.

Instant Noodles were up first, having to dance with a chair as their challenge, lifting it up and flipping it around.

They danced to the song "What do I Love" in which they opened up using the chairs and ended the performance flipping the chairs around with Bieber's name spelled out on the bottom. 

This challenge was right up their alley too; Instant Noodles bring the playfulness, theater and cuteness and JC said they owned the prop.

Instant Noodles dances to Justin Bieber's "Runaway Love."Unlike Instant Noodles, I couldn't imagine Street Kingdom as little dancing Biebers with their style of hard dancing, but they brought it this week. 

These krumpers, in the bottom yet again, had to incorporate martial arts and high flying kicks into their performance for their challenge. 

Street Kingdom lands in danger of being sent home.Still dancing hard and to "Never say Never" they dissed Instant Noodles towards the end of their performance, which none of the judges spoke on. 

One of the crew members were acting like they were eating noodles, the trademark that Instant Noodles continue to do from week to week. But then the guy from Street Kingdom acted like he was spitting the noodles out as the diss.
Street Kingdom received a positive response from the audience as the judges were speaking about them and Lil' Mama said they took their performance to the next level and have grown.

In the end Street Kingdom got saved and Instant Noodles was eliminated. In a standing ovation the judges clapped for Instant Noodles and I have to say it sucks having to see them go home.

Four crews are left and in next weeks show the crews will dance to Nicki Minaj songs and perform together in an opening performace.

My favorite pick this week: I had multiple favorite performances this week but Phunk Phenomenon killed the flipping. Check out the video below...