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America's Best Dance Crew: Kanye West Master Mix

ICONic Boyz, Phunk Phenomenon and IaMmE perform to Kanye West's "All Of The Lights."
This week on ABDC's season of the superstars the top three crews, Phunk Phenomenon, Iconic Boyz and IaMme battle it out to Kanye West songs to become one step closer to being crowned America's Best Dance Crew.

The show opened up once again with a group performance from the remaining crews dancing to "All of the Lights."

JC told all the crews that their challenge would be to embody Kanye West's revolution by rocking a type of dance that relates to the musical genre.

Each team received a visual master mix from last seasons winners Poreotix. The crews found out they have to incorporate dances like the Dougie, the Boogaloo and some Isos which is moving parts of the body without moving other parts. These dances embody Kanye's changing style to a mix of his songs "Touch the Sky", "Love Lock Down" and "Gold Digger".

The number one crew in votes this week was Iconic Boyz and they now advance straight to the finals. Some great highlights in their performace were when they Dougie'd on the floor and did a superman toss.

The New Jersey-based crew members make it rain.Lil' Mama said the Iconic Boyz are real because they bring it and they make a mark for the youth.

"There's been a lot of debate, people have been coming for my neck, like the Iconic Boyz are you going for them because they're cute and young....I said no! Because they're cute, they're young and they're talented," she said.

JC said it was an entertaining performance but not their best. He says their Boogaloo was a little sloppy in the beginning but then they cleaned it up.

The members of Phunk Phenomenon dance to a mastermix of Kanye West's greatest hits.
Next up, Phunk Phenomenon 
started their performance off with the Dougie and straight up killed it!

Their bee-boy Bebo did a back flip, kicking off his partners chest!

All of the judges said this crew had an amazing performance and killed every section of it giving theater, stunts and choreography.

Last up was IaMme and I already knew the Isos dance was just for this creative team. In saving the best for last, all I could say was WOWWW when they were finished and the crowd started cheering "IaMme" like they already won.

IaMmE performs to a mastermix of Kanye West's greatest hits.
"These two crews battling in the bottom are blowing my mind right now," JC said.

"Your pictures are so uniques, the creative you guys apply to everything is outstanding."

This was IaMme's first time in the bottom two and they Dougie'd on each others shoulders, did headspins in arms, other crazy stunts and unique dances.

D-Trix was speechless, that's how much they killed it. "I can't even talk about the moments because you guys brain-banged me," he said.

So it came to no surprise who stayed in the end....IaMme of course. It sucked to see Phunk Phenomenon take their final walk off stage because in my opinion the two bottom crews this week both deserved to be in the finals which clearly showed in their performances. Agree to disagree but In last week's Nicki Minaj challenge both of these bottom crews did way better than Iconic Boyz.

The members of ICONic Boyz get dressed to the nines.At the end IaMme and Iconic Boyz had their last original performance in which they created their own routine, wardrobe, music and choreography to show off their groups individuality.

The theme for Iconic Boyz last performance was an image of them in Hollywood called "The Iconic Dream."

Dancing to Neyo and Pitbull's "Give Me Everything" Iconic Boyz stepped out on the stage from a limo and had a chauffeur.

Dancing in white suits and rocking sunglasses they walked out unto red carpet and then posed like they were stars being photographed.
IaMme's concept in their last dance was  "Ill a Mental" which really showed who each individual member is in the group. 

They used their own voices throughout their music naming themselves Earth, Fire, Electricity, Wind, Machine and Water and then creatively spelled their name out at the end with their bodies.

After moving on to the final two, IaMmE performs one last time for the voters.Save the date: ABDC's finale is on Sunday, June 5th!

Next week is an ultimate battle round between the two final crews going head to head and an exclusive behind the scenes look of ABDC.

Voting remains open until next week at

And also... all FIVE past ABDC Champions will perform and join Iconic Boyz and IaMme in the finale!

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