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Joe Budden Denies Being a Woman Beater on Air & Stirs Up Twitter Drama with Chris Brown

Airing out dirty laundry: Rapper, Joe Budden recently called up radio stations; Power 105.1 and Hot 97 to set the record straight about his alleged rumors that he beats on his ex and caused her to have a miscarriage.

With their break up all in the media, video model, Esther Baxter, Joe Budden's ex, blasted him recently saying he used to beat her and she supposedly posted pictures of her bruises as well as a police report she filed against him.

"For the record I never hit her...this is something very serious it's not even to be joked about," Joe says in his interview with Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97.

But first...
Funkmaster Flex said he had to address their issue when their relationship changed after Joe Budden's beef with WuTangClan.

"You saw me a couple times and you ain't talk to I'm bringing it up now," Flex said trying to clear the air.

"We was good," Joe said laughing it off

"See you said a key word...was!" Flex said back to him.

The love triangle
Joe Budden said they were all the way good. So then they talked about the diss song Joe Budden put out about his ex which has been buzzing around the internet called "Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt. 3".

He says Esther cheated on him with former New York Giant football player, Derrick Ward who now plays for the Houston Texans.

"Really tho do you sleep at night?? How do you f*ck another ni**a while ur pregnant??????? God Bless you my ni**a," Joe Budden's tweeted.

Esther said she dropped the charges that she filed against Joe after he beat her up.

"He has some serious issues and he needs help," Esther tells Bossip in an interview. There were also pictures leaked of a fetus on Bossip, supposedly that is Esther's unborn child that she lost by Joe.

She then took out her anger on Twitter a couple days ago and said she didn't post those pictures up, "I've been thru ENOUGH!! Leave me the f*ck alone!! I did the interview you didn't have to go that far to disrespect my lost CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Esther said her and Joe had an agreement that their problems would be private, that was until she heard the recent song he wrote he wrote about her.

Esther Baxter Accuses Joe Budden of Abuse [VIDEO]

Joe also included Chris Brown in his Twitter mess saying, "I’m searching for a bow tie right now...if i cared about being in any1’s good graces, i’d be working on my Michael Jackson tribute as we speak …"

Joe is referring to Chris Brown paying tribute to Jackson in the BET Awards in 2010. Brown broke down in tears during his performance and many weren't buying the "act", not forgetting about the Rihanna incident.

Chris responds, "So I'm guessing this person thinks he's mature by making references to me becuz of his mistakes! #pumppumppumpitup"

“@chrisbrown i’m a fan my n*gga … & my sarcasm was more so geared towards ignorant fans, my bad if i offended u,” Joe tweeted back.

This "Pump it Up" rapper has had his personal life and former breakups put out there in the past. Take a listen to what Joe Budden's says in this song about his ex: