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Nick Cannon Gives Out His Phone Number Live on Radio

Nick Cannon recently blurted out his home phone number last week, live on his radio show, "Rollin' with Nick Cannon" on 92.3. He then tweeted that sometimes he gets carried away on the radio.

Fans instantly started calling the home of Nick and Mariah Carey and supposedly one fast-dialing fan actually talked to Mariah when she answered the home phone.

In starting a trend, singer Bruno Mars also recently gave out his cell phone number, live and on the same radio station as Nick!

I was listening to 92.3 FM earlier this morning and "Chunky" who was in place for Nick discussed the topic and said Nick welcomes fans calling their house phone and leaving their wishes and messages for the new parents.

Here is the phone number that was said on the radio this morning: (212)-524-2998.

So of course I dialed the number to test it out and it went straight to voicemail with the voices of Nick and Mariah who are playful on the recording.

The couple recently celebrated the birth of their twins, a boy and a girl and also renewed their vows in the hospital. They are just too cute!

CNN blogged, "to celebrate both their anniversary and their new arrivals, Cannon and Carey had the Rev. Al Sharpton swing by the hospital for a prayer and wedding vow renewal ceremony."

Nick and Mariah who are really open with talking about their relationship took some previous nude photos showing off Mariah's pregnant belly.

Nick expressed to listeners on his radio show that he regretted taking nude photos with his wife for the OK! magazine spread.

“My children are going to have to see these pictures,” Cannon said on his show. He says he intends to display the pictures in his house. “It’s a little weird,” he says.

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