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The Real World: Adam Returns to Vegas, Nany Finds Out More About Her Father

Adam is back this week on The Real World...oh boy!

The show starts off with Nany talking to Adam via web cam. She says they never had a chance to further their relationship because Adam got kicked out as soon as things started going good. Nany, who came into the house with a boyfriend, now has no boyfriend because she dumped him and most likely for Adam.

Adam comes up for the weekend and stays across the street from the roommates because he's banned from where they're living, at the Hard Rock Hotel.

As soon as Nany and Adam see each other they pick right back up where they left off and start kissing. She doesn't even know if Adam has a girl or not but jumps right back into things.

"I don't regret my 'private' time with Adam, he isn't just some random guy to me," Nany says after hooking up with him.

The investigator comes to the house again and meets Nany with news about her father. He starts off saying he has good news and bad news and tells Nany that her father passed away eight years ago in his sleep.

The good news is that he has a son and daughter and the daughter is interested in having a relationship with Nany.

Later on Nany and the roomies meet up with Adam at a club. Adam of couse gtets super wasted and is the same old Adam. This is why he got kicked out in the first place.

Nany says Adam is acting like a child, "It's really obnoxious to me, he acted this way when he was in Vegas and for some reason I never thought anything of it."

Adam starts telling Nany that she doesn't like him as much and that he flew all the way out to Vegas to see her.

She says, "What do you honestly expect out of us?" He responds, to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

"I don't think Adam learned anything since he's been kicked out of the Hard Rock, he hasn't changed at all," Nany says.

On their way home a drunken Adam asks to go to a chapel so him and Nany can get married and says, "take us to the chapel I want to get married right now!"

He even tries to sneak back into the Hard Rock hotel and gets spotted by hotel security because he's not even supposed to be on the property. So he heads back to his room and tries to get Nany to cuddle with him but she refuses.

"I should've known better I have nobody to blame but myself," she says.

The next morning, Adam doesn't remember a thing, of course.

"If I would have known that was how everything was going to play out I wouldn't have told him to come," Nany says and she starts avoiding Adam's phone calls.

Leroy says to Nany,"I'm proud of you, stay away from that dirtbag." 

Leroy is the only roommate who was not so happy about Adam's visit and stayed away from him because of their previous beef before Adam got kicked out.

Adam says he broke things off with his girlfriend back home and Nany tells him that she just wants to be friends. But Adam tells her he's not giving up on them.

"The more I learn about myself the less I'm attracted to guys like Adam," Nany says.

She says now that she has closure with her father she doesn't need a man to fill that empty space in her heart.

Mike opens up to his roommates about his biological mother who comes to visit him in Vegas. He says a couple years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and her health is bad. He tells a story and says when him and his mom used to go grocery shopping she would write so many bad checks just to get food. She was arrested many times and used to get high off of many things.

Mike and his mother
"I want to get to know my mother but at the same time I dont because I dont want to have her taken from me again," Mike says.

This was the first time he's seen his mother in two years.

With Mike seeing Nany wanting to have a relationship with her father but never having the chance to, this made him realize he needs to spend time with his mother despite their differences.

"Nany didn't have a choice but I have this choice now and I don't want that winding up being me," Mike says.

Nany later on reconnects with her half sister and talks to her for the first time. She finds out her father did try looking for her and he would ask her half-sisters mom for permission but she would say no.

"If I can't have a relationship with my father at least I can have a relationship with his children who will hopefully let me know things that will make me feel closer to him," Nany says.

Her sister says whether her mom likes it or not she's going to have a relationship with Nany. At the end of the show the two sisters reconnect and meet each other and visit their fathers grave site.

Next week is the final episode of The Real World Las Vegas. How did you like this season?

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