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The Real World: Heather is Wishy Washy But Cooke Knows What She Wants

This week on The Real World...
Heather starts to notice the attraction level between Dustin and Cooke.

"I know it's wrong to do because she's a was just a kiss, I wouldn't have did it if she wasn't in my face like that," Dustin says says to Leroy, talking about last weeks kiss.

"I'm a guy what am I supposed to?" he says.

Leroy says Cooke was looking so thirsty and that she was wrong for kissing Dustin. He then says that was the ultimate betrayel towards the girls and that Cooke can possible get her a** whooped.

Lets analyze the situation: Cooke kissed a single guy, it's Las Vegas and Heather is playing games with Dustin. So she just moved in and made her move, right?

The roommates head to a club and Nany notices that Dustin and Cooke are being really flirtatious.

"I hope Cooke didn't do anything with Dustin because all of the girls are starting to like her," Nany says.

Cooke winds up confessing to Nany that her and Dustin kissed and says she doesn't want it to get back to Heather and Naomi. Ha! C'mon Cooke you know Nany is going to tell her girls.

"Zito (Dustin) is mad spiteful. Like if he wanted to get with you or not, he knew that would piss Heather off," Nany says to her. 

Then Nany says as long as Cooke doesn't cross the line she won't say anything, yea right.

Afterwards, Heather pulls Nany to the side and asks her what Cooke said and of course Nany spills the beans.

So Heather says, "She f*cked up. I don't give a sh*t if she was wasted...I have respect for her, she has no respect or cares for anyone but herself, and I don't have respect for people like that."

Cooke knows the girls are talking about her and says she's screwed.

In another part of the club, Mike is trying to get laid. He kisses girl #1 in the club but then goes back to the room alone and says he's sexually frustrated. Come to think of it Mike seems to be the only roommate not getting any action in the house this season, well for now.

 Everyone gets back to the room and Cooke warns Dustin that she confessed their kissing secret to Nany. Heather then comes in Dustin and Cooke's room all big and bold, sits on Dustin's bed and tells him she has no respect for him. 

Heather then demands Cooke's full attention, "And you! Look at me! At least look at me, look at me like an adult," she says to Cooke.

"Are you upset?" Dustin says. Well obviously she is.

Cooke uses being drunk as an excuse as to why she kissed Dustin. Heather says as drunk as she gets she still takes responsibility for her own actions.

I'm sorry, I understand Heather's point of view of being jealous and all but if I was Cooke I would of simply said, I know we're roommates but aren't you done with him? Its not like Cooke and Heather are the best of friends anyway.

Heather then screams at Dustin and he apologizes to her.

"The one line you can cross is doing something with a roommate," Heather says to him.
Dustin says he hasn't lost feelings for Heather but she ripped him apart, she drives him crazy and it hurts so much and blah, blah, blah. 

Heather is acting like she's Dustin's girlfriend now but then says she's over it, sureeee!

Cooke realizes she's back to square one with all the girls in the house, back to them hating her. The other girls go out to eat and they start talking about Cooke. Naomi says what is wrong with Cooke to make her act like that.

"There's just a screw loose in her f*ck!ng head. She's one of those girls that sleep around but then watches the Disney channel," Heather responds. Lol.

Mike who struck out on girls the other night, goes out again with Leroy. Leroy tells Mike he needs to be more aggressive. Mike introduces himself to some chicks and puts on a facade for girl #2; giving her a fake name and says he's a drug dealer.

Mike says as roommates it seems like Cooke doesn't care about any of them.

"I don't give a sh*t," Cooke responds. "I don't need to be friends with anybody, yea I'll be not as comfortable but if we're not meant to be friends then we're not meant to be friends, whatever."

"Given your attitude and the things you're saying I don't really blame them for hating you," Mike says back to her.

The roommates then go to a homeless shelter to serve dinner as part of their internship. Nany starts talking to one person who says he doesn't know his dad. Nany says doesn't know her father either.

"It happens everyday, kids grow up without their biological parents, so I'm no different," she says.

Nany says her father got locked up for trafficking cocaine. An eager Nany later on calls an investigator to search for her father. She checks back with her mother to see if she heard from the investigator and her mother tells her she's not going to like the news.

Nany's father has been out of jail for some time now and her mother says if her father wanted to see Nany then he would have seen her.

Nany doesn't stop looking for her father and then meets with the investigator.

She tells the investigator it's her mother keeping her and her father apart because she once was going through her mothers closet and found a bunch of letters from him that were hidden.

Nany says it's obvious her father wants to see her and the investagor tells her to be prepared for any type of outcome.

Back to Cooke...she later on decides to be the bigger person, talks to Heather and apologizes to her.

"It wasn't done to hurt you, I literally didn't think about you," she says to Heather.

Heather says she won't let herself be vulnerable to Cooke again but is grateful for the apology. The two hug then make up and are cool again.

When the roommates go to the club again Heather is dancing and flirting with Dustin. The next morning Dustin says to Leroy, "Again with the confusing bullsh*t, she's just playing me, she's worst than I am."

Naomi tells Heather she doesn't want her hooking up with Dustin anymore because it just gives him one up.

Dustin taking a photo of Mike and Ally before their date
Mike meets girl #3 named Ally and he really likes her. Ally takes down Mike's number and Leroy is watching on the side, proud of his boy.

Later that night Mike and Ally talk on the phone and they set a date to go out. While Mike is preparing for his date the roommates help him get ready, they do his hair and help pick out his clothes, lol. 

Mike and Ally automatically start clicking and end their date with a kiss. They also go on a second date later in the show. Aww I'm happy for Mike.

Later on a drunken Heather is all over Dustin, once again at a club. The same girl who said to Cooke that she takes responsibility of her actions when she's drunk.

"Like bro get over this b*tch," Leroy says about the Dustin/Heather situation. Leroy tries to stop Heather from bothering Dustin and tells her to go hang with Naomi saying it's in her best interest.

Afterwards Heather and Dustin walk back to the room together and Nany tells Heather not to mess with him. Does Heather listen? Nope.

Next thing you know Heather and Dustin are making out in the bed.

"I'm not a mother okay. Do what you gotta do girl," Nany says after she see's them kissing.

What is going to happen with these two?

Next week on The Real World: The gang packs up and gets ready to go to Cancun, Mexico. Dustin and Mike get into a physical altercation.