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2011 MTV Movie Award Highlights: Twilight Cleans Up, Two Twilight Actors Share a Steamy Kiss, Dropping Eff Bombs & Best Movie of the Year

The Twilight Saga Eclipse totally dominated the whole MTV Movie Award show. If you're not a Twilight fan then this years awards were not for you. Neither was last years and probably next year with the Saga continuing.  

What Twilight Won:

#TeamTwilight cleaned house winning the first award of the night for 'Best Male Performance' which went to Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward.

'The Best Fight' award went to the Twilighters, Bryce Dallas Howard & Xavier Samuel vs. Robert Pattinson.

Kristen Stewart (Bella) won 'Best female Performance'.

The very last performance of the night and the biggest one 'Best Movie' of course went to Twilight, no surprise there. They beat out other nominees; Inception, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Black Swan and The Social Network.

'Best Kiss' award once again went to Twilight's Kristen Jaymes Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Of course we saw no action between the two movie stars....again! I love Twilight but these two are wack when it comes to the 'Best Kiss' Award.

"I feel bad because I don't feel like kissing don't want to kiss me do you?" Robert says to Kristen.
"Well its been a long time and I think we should finally go for it," she responds.

Robert Pattinson kisses Taylor Lautner at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Robert then says there's someone in the audience who would appreciate it more and the camera focuses in on Taylor Lautner (Jacob). 

Kristen says go get him and then Robert runs off the stage and kisses Taylor Lautner!

That kiss was better then Robert and Kristen's previous kiss.

In this years MTV Awards, there were laser boners and Nicki Minaj's big butt jokes. But there was one sexual joke that topped them all.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis who star in the upcoming movie "Friends with Benefits" came out to present an award. They go on to say even though they star in this new movie they never dated but in fact are like brother and sister.

"Totally plutonic relationship, which is why I can do this..." Justin says as he grabs Mila's boobs and in return she grabs his package.

Jason Sudeikis hosted this years award show and had some funny jokes and moments throughout the night.

One joke was about the former California Governor. Sudeikis asked how the audience was doing in the balcony, "For the first time in the history of the MTV Movie Awards, the entire balcony has been fathered by Arnold Schwarzenegger."

"I was surprised to find so many kids here this year, not as surprised as Maria Shriver," he also said.

Another one was this: "Of course MTV stands for Music Televison, for those of you who forgot...I'm talking to you MTV executives."

Some exclusive sneak peaks were revealed:

The sci-fi, mystery Super 8, is in theaters June 10th and a clip of it was revealed earlier tonight. 

Another exclusive sneak peak was shown for the final Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 coming to theaters July 15th. 

The last clip was shown from Twilight: Breaking Dawn and it looks good! But we have to wait all the way to November 18th to see it in theaters. Jacob has his shirt off as usual, Edward and Bella have a wedding and Bella may be pregnant! Well if you've read the books then you know what will happen. 

Other winners besides Twilight:

Tom Felton's character in Harry Potter won him the 'Best Villan' award. Emma Stone won 'Best Comedic Performance in her movie Easy A. That award totally should have gone to Zach Galifianakis, he's funny as hell in Due Date and in all his movies. 

Justin Bieber won 'Best Jaw Dropping Performace' from his movie Never say Never which was a shocker. He beat out some really good scenes from; Black Swan, 127 Hours and Incepetion. After some presenters said Bieber wasn't there, he walked out on stage and scooped up his gold popcorn award.

Reese Witherspoon was the recipient of MTV's 'Generation Award'.

Another highlight was when Robert Pattinson gave his speech to Reese and jokingly said about a movie scene "...I didn't cut you out but I did f*ck you." MTV bleeped him out after he already said the curse word.

In her speech, Reese had some encouraging words to say to all the bad girls out there, "I know it's cool to be bad, I get it, but umm, it's also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show."

"When I came up in this business when you made a sex tape you were embarrassed and hid it under your bed and if you took naked pictures of yourself in your cellphone you hide your face," she continued to say.

Alexys in Grown Ups
The best speech of the night goes to the little girl, Alexys Nycole Sanchez from Grown Ups who won the first 'Best Movie Line' award for, "I want to get chocolate wasted!"

The host later said she's been checked into chocolate rehab. Lol. Alexys' acceptance speech was so adorable and she's very well spoken.


The Foo Fighters performed their new hit "Walk."

Lupe Fiasco blazed the stage, performing "Out of My Head" with special guest Trey Songz. Then Lupe performed "The Show Goes On."

Trey was on for a hot second, I wish he was on longer.

My only beef of the night is that the movie Inception should have won more! Other than that, good show. Inception did win "Best Scared as Sh*t Performance" which was not shown on TV.

Click here to see the full list of winners.