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America's Best Dance Crew Finale: And the Winner Is...

The hour and a half ABDC finale was live tonight from the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. We got to watch a taste of both while ABDC switched back and forth between their performances and the red carpet interviews.

Over 50 million people voted this season, a record breaker in ABDC history. The top two crews, Iconic Boyz and IaMme opened up the show dancing to Pink's "Raise Your Glass." Watch the whole ABDC finale HERE.

All past winners came out to showcase their stuff, starting with the latest campions:

Season 5 champions Poreotix return to the 'Dance Crew' stage.Last season's winners Poreotix have been touring all over the world as well as performing in music videos with artist's like Justin Bieber since becoming champions of ABDC. 

Performing to Rebecca Black's "Friday", Poreotix was still clever as ever with their futuristic dance moves and they incorporated humor into their performance, as always.

Season 4 champions We Are Heroes return to the 'Dance Crew' stage.
Season 4 We Are Heroes, the first all-female crew came out in tights, black leotards and whips, doing flips in heels and dancing to Beyonce's new hit "Run the World (Girls)", a suitable song choice. Since their win, We Are Heroes have their own charity for Japan.

"Everytime you guys perform it's with passion and you guys totally put your heart into every performance. You ladies represent," Lil' Mama said.

And now the stunts really start...

Next up was season 3 winners Quest Crew and who could forget their final performance on their season!

Season 3 champions Quest Crew return to the 'Dance Crew' stage.
Performing to the "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO they created an all out sleep over theme on stage, ending it with a pillow fight.

D-Trix who was apart of Quest Crew when they were crowned the season 3 winners, is now listed as an inactive member of the group.

He said, "Not that I'm biased or all but ya'll my favorite dance crew period."

Since their win, Quest Crew has been up to a lot and like Poreotix we've seen them in music videos like Snoop Dogg's "I Wanna Rock."

Season 2 champions Super Cr3w return to the 'Dance Crew' stage.

Season 2 champs Super Crew, one of my favorite bee-boy crews, came out and danced in Ninja suits, doing stunts, flips and even a magic trick in the end that had them disappear.

Season 1 champions JabbaWockeeZ return to the 'Dance Crew' stage.The masked men, the originators, Jabbawockeez now headline their own show in Monte Carlo in Las Vegas.

An army of masked men came out and it's like they created a movement! Even a mini girl Jabbawockee came out and started krumping. 

They danced to their own music "Devasting Stereo" off their new album Muse-I-See calling it "an audiovisual story of inspiration brought to life through the harmonization of sound and movement" on their Twitter page.

"It's so good to have you back on this stage," JC said.

Mario Lopez talks to the newly crowned champions, IaMmE.

In the end, IaMme from New Jersey and Iconic Boyz from Texas both graced the stage right before the winner was announced.

It was definitely heard from the crowd who was the more popular choice to win ABDC as the crowd was cheering "IaMme, IaMme" loudly. 

And the well-deserved IaMme won! Thank goodness!

IaMme broke a lot of firsts: The first mix-gendered crew, the youngest crew and also, the first crew from Texas, breaking the West chain.

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