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America's Got Talent Highlights: The Wacky Crazy Talent Show is Back!

America's Got Talent Season 6 premiered yesterday on NBC and was quite entertaining as usual. I've been a fan of the show since Season 2 and I have been addicted to watching it ever since.

Judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and host Nick Cannon are all back. This season started with auditions kicking off in Los Angeles and then in Atlanta.

Although this show has the weirdest, strangest contestants that come out to audition, there are alwyas a few talented singers and entertainers.

But what would the show be without those jaw dropping performances. Like tonight for instance:

The first performance of the night; Frank Olivier, the 50-year-old man who juggled torches while on a high bicycle. He used Howie for assistance to hold his torches while he jumped up on the bike and the whole time I was hoping he wouldn't fall. He grabbed Howie's head and held on to it as he lit the torches. A freaked out Howie was yelling for the other judges to press the X button then ran off stage, lol.

Because this man freaked out Howie, Piers said to him, "in short you have become one of my favorites acts ever." Frank pulled off his juggling performance well and advanced to the next round in Las Vegas.

Then there are those performances that you should never try at home and I wonder how in the hell did that contestant decide to to perform that. This goes for Frank Mile who came out unto the stage with a smile while he told the judges he will perform the worlds most dangerous juggling stunt. He juggled three 500,000 volt stun guns! The crowd "ooh'd" and "aah'd" as Piers questioned him and said, "Really?"

Piers asked Frank when he practices this trick does it ever go wrong. He answered, "yea, oh yea" like it was nothing. The stun guns were "enough juice to knock a grown man off his feet" according to Frank, yet these are the types of performances that wind up on this show.

He then turns on all three stun guns and says "that's 1.5 million volts of electricity."

As the crowd looked on, scared and worried for this man on stage he simply says,"it's a scientific fact if I catch two of these on the wrong end at the same time...that will suck."

But don't worry folks, he doesn't kill himself, in fact he talks while he's juggling the stun guns. But this is the crazy part...he steps in a big tub of water and continues to juggle! The judges all enjoyed it and with three 'Yes' votes he goes straight to the Vegas round, so we'll see dangerous performances from this guy.

Another crazy performance was from 15-year-old Stephanie Sanson who came out wearing jeans and a plaid t-shirt and she seemed very sweet.

All of a sudden some crazy rock or metal music comes on and she starts screaming into the mic, throwing her head around and climbing on stage equipment. She said she came to sing, that was not singing. Nick had three words for her; anger management issues! Lol.

There was even a guy who impersonated how he thinks all of the judges fart. The talking parrot performance kind of shocked me as it imitated other animal sounds and said words.

I also love when the judges hit their buzzers back to back.

Case in point with Udi Abagnale and his two back up dancers. Right away I knew he was a joke but the judges didn't even give him a chance. This dude got all three X's before he could even sing one line!

"I see ourselves not only winning the show but having albums, having different gigs, different performances, not only in Los Angeles but across the country and across the world," he said really serious.

After he got X'd he kept singing, "feeling hot, hot, hot..." hahahaaa! Nick came out on stage and said he wanted to see how hot Udi could get and told the judges to let him get his 90 seconds. So he got a second chance to perform and then got X'd out again!

Nick then went on stage and joined Udi in dancing. The judges couldn't take anymore and they all walked out, lol.
And OMG did you see the 50-year-old pop-locker who was singing and dancing, then did a flip but fell off the stage!? He got right back on stage like nothing happened and started singing again but got all three X's anyway. This guy blew his chance when he fell off the stage face first.

It was a night of falling of the stage when another performer, dressed in an all-white suit who calls himself Metatron and an angel of light got all three X's from the judges. He asked if it was over and didn't realize the ending of the stage and took a dip off.

The show then got weird and was a little disturbing when a group of old, wrinkiled men, The Forever Young Dancers came out on stage in baby outfits wearing grown up diapers, no shirts and a bonnet. They danced to the lollipop song as they held lollipops, so corny. 

The little kids rapping, SH' Boys who ranged from ages five to seven called rapping "wapping", they were cute. Even though they advanced from this round lets be real, all they did was rap a little, look cute and jump around, nothing major. 

Kids don't make it far in this competition as the judges are known to cut them and bring in their age as a factor.

The exception to this was last years, Jackie Evancho the opera singer, who really had some serious talent. She was the furthest I've ever seen a kid go on this show, winding up in the top two and it was too bad she didn't win the whole thing.

Singer, Michael Grimm won the one million dollar prize last season.

Performances that were good and wow'd me:

Miami All-Stars: 24 dancers that salsa danced and received a standing ovation from all of the judges. This groups choreography was on point, it was fast and entertaining. Piers called them the best dance group that the judges have seen.

Team iLuminate: All of the lights were turned off for the last act of the night as a technological dance group wore special outfits to make outlines to glow in the dark. This group of dancers ranging from ages 25 to 33 without a doubt advanced to Vegas and they reminded me of the glow in the dark group from last season. The judges called this team a sure headlining act.

Ryan Andreas: This singer/pianist said the dream is to make a living doing what you love to do. I think he has a really great voice as he put his own style on Sarah McLachlan's song "In the Arms of an Angel."

Some other acts were good but then you have to think, in the long run will they still be able to entertain us?

YouTube auditions are now available for a chance to perform live. Tune in next Tuesday and Wednesday for more America's Got Talent.


  1. Great read! iLuminate is definitely my favorite act of the show so far. They were great dancers and the special effects of the lights made it that much greater! I can't wait to see what else they bring to the show! I'll be watching online from my TV provider/employer DISH Network's online site ( since I'm not at home very often but thankfully it's free for everybody and they have all the episodes starting from the first. Check it out :)

  2. nice blog.Seems some different things :)


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