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Basketball Wives: Jennifer Starts to Date, Evelyn and Tami Come to an Agreement and Some of the Ladies Deal with Family Drama

This week on Basketball Wives: The show starts off with Meeka talking about her current beef with Tami. Suzie tries to be the peacemaker again but Meeka says her and Tami don't mesh.

Evelyn goes to New York to visit her family as she tries to put closure on issues with her father. She also helps her daughter look for colleges. 

Tami and her two daughters are in New York as well and Jennifer so happens to be in New York at the same time taking care of some ex-husband legal issues. And what are the odds of all these ladies being in New York at the same time.

Shaunie says to Evelyn, "Maybe we can all be a big happy family again."

The Circle gets together and has girl talk. Evelyn admits she does like Tami and figures when the two of them can get pass her "Non-Factor" t-shirt drama then they'll be friends.

As Shaunie, Jennifer and Tami are taking a walk they are filling Shaunie in on the whole drama from last weeks episode at the Polo event.

Tami calls Meeka a fraud and explains her reasons for not hitting Meeka, "I kept hearing in my mind visions of like your gonna swing, they're gonna carry you out, why do you have to always be the one getting carried out. So that's what saved her."

Tami and Her Daughters
Later, Tami heads to the recording studio with her two daughters who are working on their single to get a record deal. Eric Nicks manages song writers, one in particular who is behind Justin Bieber and he is now working with Tami's daughters.

While at the studio, Tami's daughters let her know they like coming to the studio without her. They tell Tami she's not their manager and that they hired someone else. This pisses Tami off. Her cousin tells her she advised her daughters on the decision because she doesn't have time to handle it.

We see Tami's mother and Tami says she is "quite the character." I also see where Tami gets her attitude and hardness from.

On to another "basketball wife", Jennifer says she's not ready to go out into the dating world, but Meeka has other plans. Meeka sets Jennifer up with a model in New York. Jennifer and her date double date with Meeka and her husband, Speedy Claxton. Jennifer's date name is Eric, how ironic.

When he walks up to the table I'm like oh he's actually cute. Comes to find out he's only 27! Her and Evelyn like them some young men. Jennifer acts all nervous and shy on the date.

She takes a shot and cant handle it and says, "I don't do good with shots, I don't like a lot of stuff in my mouth." Lol.

So towards the end, Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn and Jennifer all meet up on a roof top in Manhattan. Evelyn and Tami once again discuss the t-shirt issue. Tami wants to compromise on the t-shirts which is also a business investment for Evelyn. She asks Evelyn if she can sell the t-shirts that are out now and then not sell anymore.

Evelyn actually settled for the deal and the two came to an agreement for once. The other deal was forget everything and f*ck up Meeka, lol, but it was a joke on Tami's behalf. Evelyn and Tami seem to be buddy, buddy...for now.

Next week, the ladies plan a trip to Italy but minus Royce this time unlike their previous trip to Spain last season. Oh boy, will this trip be a good or bad vacation for the ladies?

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