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Single Ladies: Darryl is Done with April and Declares War, Val Lets a Good Thing Slip Away and Keisha Reconnects with Malcolm

Val goes on another date and when they get back to her place she stops him at the door as they're kissing and says to him, "You know my rules...remember good things come to those who wait, besides you wouldn't respect me if I had sex with you right away."

The guy then calls her a tease! He tells her it's time to pay up for all the money and time he has spent with her and he says Val should be more generous.

"... All you were doing was buying your time until you got me into bed?" she questions him.

"Yea, I'm a guy, that's what we do," he answers.

He gets the boot and the door slammed in his face. Why do guys think once they pay for a lady they're entitled to get some? Is that how it works?

April tells Val, "I know you've been out of the game for a while, but even I know it's customary to give it up on the first date."

"What do you know about customs? Isn't it customary to honor your vows?" she responds.

Oh snap, low blow!

Keisha says, "You have to treat a male model like a Christmas toy. You're excited to unwrap it and you play with it all day until the batteries die and then you toss it to the side. Not everyone is husband material so you can't go into every date thinking he is."

I love Keisha's metaphors and simile's, too funny but also true.

Something pops up while K.C. and Val share a just friends cuddleWell after all of Val's bad dates she always goes back to K.C, her rebound, cuddle buddy.

He see's more in the future between them like he noticed from the beginning but Val says she has mixed feelings for him and isn't quite there yet.

Val's friends like K.C and think she should settle down with him before it's too late. And it might be. K.C tells Val he's moving to Los Angeles for work and she gets all worked up over the thought of losing him completely. But she doesn't force her feelings and says goodbye to him.

"Why is dating so damn complicated," Val said. Good question, I would like to know.

April is shocked at her husbands newsApril tells the girls that after Darryl's birthday gift stunt on last weeks episode, he calmed down and the two of them are back in counseling. She says Darryl may even be reconsidering the divorce.

He wants a divorce and is coming fro April's moneyWhen she goes home to what she thinks is still her home her key doesn't fit into the lock. Darryl tells her he changed the locks and he packed her stuff for her to move out. Damn! This guy is too nice and calm about everything and April always gets fooled into thinking he still wants her. 

Darryl says April is going to pay for her betrayel. She is still in denial saying she's not signing any papers right now and Darryl declares war. Towards the end of the show, Keisha, Val and K.C help April move out.

With Darryl after everything, April takes on a new big project at work to prove to her boss she can help an artist make his album in two months.

Christina is caught hooking up in the boutiqueBack at the boutique, Val receives a phone call from the police that someone broke into her store. When she gets there she finds out her intern, Christina was caught by fellow neighbors having sex by the store front window. 

Val holds a meeting the next day about how there will be no more sex in her store.

Well Christina still doesn't learn her lesson because at the end she is supposed to be assisting Val but instead she gets caught in the car with the same guy doing a quicky.

Malcom and Keisha reconnect this week. He comes walking in the boutique and Keisha assumes he's there to apologize and beg her forgiveness. But he's not. He comes in to talk to Val about business. Malcolm wants to hire her to style models for him. But she declines the offer and says it is awkward after he dissed Keisha. But Keisha walks over and tells Val to make her money.

"I'm sorry but I'm not gonna beg you," he said.

Malcolm wants KeishaHe also denies setting her up with his friend (Rick Fox) to sleep with him for money. Later on while at his house, him and Val go over business plans. Keisha is there as well and her and Malcolm talk over their relationship. He tells her he's not scared of her strength and that there could only be one man in the relationship.

They both decide to be friends for awhile, but that doesn't last long. Later on while at Malcome's event, the two of them ditch their dates and go into the bathroom for a make out session. Shortly after, Malcolm still says they're still friends and Keisha doesn't like that. So once again Keisha says she is done with Malcolm.

When people turn to being players, like Keisha, is it always that one person they were in love with that pushes them to turn on love?

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