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Basketball Wives: Tami and Meeka's Beef Worsens & There Will Be a Brand New Basketball Wife Show

Who do you think is the realest one?

 This week of Basketball Wives starts off with Royce talking to Ashley about her previous fight with Evelyn.

"I'm not ghetto but I'm hood," Royce said while explaining what happened.

Suzie then joins the ladies for breakfast and says she's so over them talking crap about Evelyn.

"That's why I keep telling you I don't want to be friends with them because they bring too much drama to my life and I'm happy, I just want to have fun," Royce said to Suzie, stressing how she doesn't want to be friends with The Circle.

Ashley points out a good fact in saying the roles were reversed last season on Basketball Wives. This is around the time when Suzie and Evelyn weren't talking and Royce was still cool with The Circle. Royce kept trying to bring Suzie along to places knowing they would all be there and she kept trying to make everyone friends again. Now Suzie is the one playing peacemaker. Now Royce says Evelyn and crew don't exist to her.

"Evelyn doesn't have anything going for herself except Ocho and the shoe store," Royce said. "She (Evelyn) has to do something to pay the bills."

Evelyn and Jennifer go on a spa date and of course the topic of discussion is Royce. Evelyn says Royce accuses her of being a ho but in the meantime she has a boyfriend every other week. Evelyn says Royce is disrespectful for tweeting Jennifer's ex-husband Eric. Jennifer says Twitter is not the vehicle for drama when they have each other's phone number.

"That's her vehicle, that's the vehicle she's been driving for two years and that's why she's getting sued every other week," Evelyn said. "Don't judge me and you're not innocent."

It seems like these females spend more time talking about each other than they do relaxing and having fun when they're out.

Suzie tells Jennifer about an awkward situation involving Eric saying he's been reaching out for her about business ventures. Suzie thinks Eric is trying to piss Jennifer off by reaching out to her and says she won't fall for it. Jennifer and Suzie come up with an idea to set up Eric. Suzie later on meets up with Eric and he proposes an idea for her to be in a movie.

"If he wants to play this game, I can play it even better," Jennifer said.

Suzie and Meeka meet up and Meeka comes to a realization that there will be a time that she'll need to pick a side. Suzie invites Meeka to a Polo event and says all the ladies are going to be there, oh boy.

Suzie meets back up with Ashley and Royce. Ashley reveals she's engaged to her boyfriend. Suzie and Royce get into it about Suzie's other friendships and Royce calls her ignorant for being friends with them.

Meeka, feeling the tension with Tami, decides to show up at the Polo event with Jennifer and Evelyn.

Tami is back this episode from being away and the drama is here!

Tami starts talking to Jennifer and says they're adults and they shouldn't ruin the nice event.

Meeka decides to interrupt the conversation, comes right out and says, "Tami, have you been drinking baby?"

I saw the look in Tami's eyes and knew it was a wrap. "Are you my mother?" Tami responds.

(Read some gossip HERE about a supposed fight between Tami and Meeka.)

Meeka tells Tami she likes drama and stands up. Tami says it's not the right move for her to be raising up.

"I'm like please sit down because if I punch you, you're gonna be the f*ck on the're not gonna stand up and try to battle me and me not respond," Tami said.

Well the two start arguing and Tami makes it clear to Meeka that The Circle doesn't like her, she's not relevant and she'll never be in The Circle.

Ouch. But should Meeka even care?

And did anyone peep Jennifer? She kept smiling the whole time during Tami and Meeka's argument and then said Meeka is now on Tami's sh*t list.

Can't get enough of Basketball Wives? Well there is another 'wife' show coming called Basketball Wives: Los Angeles premiering on Monday, August 29 at 8 p.m.

"Basketball Wives LA" cast includes: Kimsha Artest (wife of Ron Artest, Los Angeles Lakers), Gloria Govan (fiancee of Matt Barnes, Los Angeles Lakers), Laura Govan (sister of Gloria Govan) and Jackie Christie (wife of Doug Christie, former player for the Los Angeles Clippers) and Imani Showalter (ex-fiancee of Stephen Jackson, Charlotte Bobcats) as well as others.

Last weeks recap: Suzie Tries to Play Peacemaker, Evelyn and Tami Come to Blows

Check out what Royce has been tweeting recently:

Her last tweet about the show said, "Ok I'm done 4 the night w/this show & fakeass females. Can't w8 2get my new car I didn't F*ck 4 but worked 4on Wednesday! Happy Birthday ME!"
"It's obvious Ive been a threat since season 1.But hey look @ me. Id be mad if I wasn't me 2! All the makeup & clothes & ure still miserable!"

"I will never be jealous of sum1 who has had more penises in her vagina than teeth n her mouth! "


  1. omg! these chick are so funny. In the begin i was feelin like tami was the realest but after 2nite idk? she did call them fake and phony???

  2. I thought so too...I have been trying to watch all the episodes and i am waiting to hear it again! I don't like Tami now she is not right after how she handled herself tonight.

  3. Did Tami say fake and phony...I forgot? I wish they would've replayed it back.

  4. I don’t remember if Tami said fake and phony but if she did, I know we can all agree that it’s about Evelyn. My confusion comes in when Meeka can’t even remember what she says herself so how can she quote someone else? Either way, I can’t wait for it to come on next Monday and although I’ll be at work, I’m still going to watch it on my phone. I went ahead and signed up for the Sling Adapter with my DISH Network employee account so I would never miss a minute of it. I can watch live and pre-recorded content and I don't even have to be at home to do so. The Sling Adapter is normally $99 but with a special promotion with DISH Network, new and existing customers can now get it for free. People can go here to get more information!

  5. Tami did called the mean girls fake and phony and she wasn't just talking about Evil-Lyn.


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