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"The Game's" Tia Mowry Posing in the Nude

Posing in the nude while pregnant seems to be the latest "in" thing to do. Mariah Carey did it recently and last month it was Tia Mowry from BET's The Game.

Do you think her being pregnant will play a role in The Game? Maybe Melanie and Derwin will wind up having a child after all.

The last scene of them showed Melanie and Derwin visiting a fertility specialist to find out why they couldn't seem to get pregnant. The way that Melanie answered one of the doctors' questions led Derwin to believe that she had an abortion.

Well it's time for them to have a kid of their own being that Tia is a natural now and expecting a baby boy.

And I'm still waiting on an exact premiere date for Season 5!

Tia Speaking on mother hood

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