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Ja Rule Goes to the Slammer & Says He's Prepared

Rapper, Ja Rule begins his jail sentence today for felony gun possession.

During his interview with Good Day New York on Monday he said that he's been preparing himself mentally. 

Ja Rule said he's not scared of jail and also said being where he's from, "you get groomed to it."

The rapper was also recently spotted at Stacks in Paramus, New Jersey last week, according to

He and his wife Aisha Atkins, who are residents of Saddle River, NJ, were both spotted at the pancake house & cafĂ©.

Dang, what happened to this dude. I remember his songs used to go hard and Murder Inc. was tough.

The last I heard Ja Rule, Ashanti and Lloyd all teamed up back in April at one of Diddy's concert but that's not the whole Murder Inc. Where is Vita and Charli Baltimore?

Those hits like, "I'm Real", "Down A** Chick", "Down 4 U" oooh and the one with Lil' Mo, "Put It On Me" were some of my favorites.

His recent album "Pain is Love 2" was supposed to drop yesterday but is now delayed.

Ja Rule told TMZ recently that he shot three videos for songs off his upcoming album. According to his Twitter he supposedly went to Las Vegas to shoot some of the scenes.

He also said that while he’s in jail, he plans to use his time wisely by writing a book and hopefully getting his GED.

Well there's nothing but time when you're behind bars so maybe he'll come out and be even hotter, Lil' Wayne did it.

Just an hour ago the rapper tweeted, "Out on my patio having my last free moment I love all my fans Pain is love!!!"