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Lady Gaga: Breaking Records for "Born This Way"

It was recently reported that Lady Gaga's Born This Way is the #1 album in the country selling over one million copies in its first week!

This makes Gaga the fifth female artist to record a one million plus sales week and she has become the fastest selling album in the UK, according to reports.

Gaga's latest posted the 10th-biggest week in SoundScan history

Her video for "Born this Way" was released back in February and Gaga says in the introduction of the video "the Manifesto of mother monster" became a huge hit and has over 55 million views on YouTube! Gaga is killing it! She also has over 10 million followers on Twitter or as she would call them, her "little monsters."

She tweeted yesterday, "I can't wait for you to see The Edge of Glory."
She is currently working on her next video "The Edge of Glory" which will be released sometime this month. Click here for a 12 second sneak peak.