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Jersey Shore Star Snooki Jokes After Cop Car Crash in Italy

According to various reports, Jersey Shore’s Snooki was taken into custody in Florence, Italy, on Monday after crashing into a police car this past weekend. 

It was not a formal arrest, but the crash still caused injuries.

Jersey Shore's Deena was on the passenger side and one camera crew member was in the car as well, all are reported to be fine.

A witness told TMZ, "Snooki smacked into the back of a patrol car and wedged her car between it and a protection wall on the freeway. Snooki had to escape the car through a window."

She was photographed wearing a neck brace but recently reported that the neck brace is a joke. Snooki's crash was real but she was spotted yesterday waving the neck brace and laughing.

According to TMZ there was no alcohol involvement.

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Snooki Hits Police Car Escort in Italy | Jersey Shore, Deena Cortese, Nicole Polizzi
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