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Love Games: A lot of Smooching & Feelings Start to Evolve

(I know I'm posting this kinda late but here's the latest recap...)

This week on Love Games: With seven guys left in the house it starts to become clear with who likes who.

Natalie wins the HBIC Hollywood photo shoot challenge and takes control.

With the guys, it looks like Benz made this his love game saying, whoever is here for him is the one he will commit too and he wants Lea solely to himself. Check it out here: Lea's fight with Benz

The guys and girls are later in the hot tub playing 'Truth or Dare' and things spice up. 

Natalie gets dared to kiss Jason and when they do Taylor gets a little jealous. Natalie then gets jealous when she see's Amber giving Taylor a little peck on the cheek.

Benz dared Amber to kiss Corey B. since she hasnt made out with anyone in the house.

So Amber gives Corey a quick peck hiding behind a champagne bottle then she says, "that was my first miniority kiss."

Corey wasn't satisfied and said that wasn't even a kiss. And like the picture shows to the right he wasn't happy.

Natalie said, "You have to kiss Corey B. behind a champagne bottle? Sweety you're a racist."

Then Lea gets dared to make out with Benz for 40 seconds and their make out session is hot, Lea goes in. Robert watches on and gets jealous then confronts her about it later.

"She's playing the game in a much more selfish way than I am and it's starting to piss me off," Robert said.

Lea starts to get a little overwhelmed with her feelings growing for Robert and Benz. On another team, Corey starts to feel frustrated with Amber saying her kiss wasn't romantic.

Corey says, "Do you have a boyfriend or are you not feeling this right here?" as he points to his skin color.

Amber has Bruno, Nick and Corey after her. But still feeling played out about the kiss, Corey confronts Amber and says he thinks she has a boyfriend. The word gets out to all the guys in the house. Then Amber starts getting very defensive. She says she's a good girl and doesn't make out with people infront of everybody. Instead of answering the question she's worried about who is making it up.

In the bathroom, Natalie tells Taylor she's mad at him and thinks he likes Amber but then straddles him on the toilet and makes out with him in the bathroom.

"When I kiss Natalie I feel like I'm on top of the world, like noone else matters and it feels beautiful," Taylor said.

For the date selctions, Natalie switches things up and picks Corey B. as her date saying she needs him on 'Team Natalie'.

"She's obviously severly jealous of me and wants to take away everything I have," Amber said.

Natalie strategizes and picks Benz to accompany Lea on a date in not wanting her to make a connection with any other guys in the house. And Natalie picks Taylor to go out with Amber calling Taylor her little snitch so he can feel Amber out and report back to Natalie.

The ladies head outside for a barbecue and some body painting.

Lea and Benz automatically start hooking up. Amber starts talking crap about Natalie to Taylor and tells him not to say anything.

Natalie heads over to her VIP section and spends some alone time with Corey. Natalie tells him that Amber won't date outside her race.

"According to a birdie in this house, Amber had to get remotely drunk and drink a whole bottle of champagne to even kiss you," Natalie said.

Corey B. quickly switches sides and says to hell with Amber. Next thing you know him and Natalie are spreading chocolate on each other and licking it off then they share a real kiss. A horny Corey totally gets seduced by Natalie. She also said on her blog that Corey was not a better kisser than Taylor.

"I don't really want to be kissing him (Corey)  but you gotta do what you gotta do," Natalie said.

Amber is seeming like a real cornball compared to the other two badgirls.

Taylor wants to know what Corey did on his date with Natalie. Corey says they shared a moment and kissed, Taylor gets jealous.

Natalie makes her choice to nominate Bruno, Benz and Robert R. for elimination, two of Lea's guys and Bruno is one of Ambers guys.

Things get serious in the elimination room and Lea's mouth takes over. She fights for her men to stay and lets Amber know if Bruno stays she'll take him away from Amber and she'll have no one in the house for her.

Lea took total mind control over Amber and Amber gives in and decides to send Bruno home. Amber says she has no say in the house, says she's not a bad girl and that she wants to quit.

Ms. Tanisha had to "pop off" towards the end as she was fed up with Ambers whining.

Tanisha said on her blog, "It sucks to see her not have a voice and always wanting to quit. And I felt it was my duty to tell her stand up and fight for what you believe in!"

"Stand up for yourself don't let nobody talk to you like that" Tanisha yells.

Amber sits back down then sticks to keeping Bruno. Since Lea and Amber can't come to a decision it falls in the hands of Natalie. She decides to send Bruno home and he gets eliminated anyway. Natalie said it's all apart of her masterplan because Amber has no guys on her side now, I think there's Nick left and that's it.

Proud of herself, Natalie smiles and says, "I'm such a b*tch."

With one guy on her side, it looks like a clear decision to send Amber home next week but you never know what sneaky plan these girl may have.

If Natalie was really smart she would have sent Robert home. Lea is Natalie's biggest competition so I think Natalie made the wrong elimination choice. Robert is totally team Lea. 

Natalie might be able to get Benz on her side. She should of just let Amber have Bruno because Amber barely has guys anyway since Corey B. switched sides.

Amber better step it up or she'll be just like the other Amber on last season, getting sent home first for not making real connections.On the next Love Games things switch up and the guys will send one of bad girls home. Who do you think will be making an early exit?

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