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Love Games: One of the Bad Girls Wins Love Games

This week on Love Games: It's down to the final two bad girls; Natalie and Lea. All the HBIC challenges are over and the top five guys now have to decide which lady played the love game the best.

After Amber being eliminated, Tanisha drops a bomb on Lea and Natalie and says one of them will be eliminated soon. Both ladies are very confident in winning the whole thing.

Corey B. is left in the house with his girl Amber now eliminated and says he's all about playing the game now and of couse Natalie wants to get him back on her side.

Lea and Benz talk about him going to 'Team Natalie'. He says he likes both girls. Lea calls Benz a risky bet and Benz says he's not going to be all the way in until one of the ladies commits to him and goes all the way.

Taylor is still sucked into Natalie's ways and thinks how far he can keep playing her game but he is still all 'Team Natalie'. Nick and Corey try to figure out which girl they are there for. Robert R. is all in for Lea but Lea is still torn between her two guys and I don't know why because Benz is playing games and Robert is not. Robert knew what he wanted since the day he moved upstairs to room with Lea.

The ladies give their final plea as to why they share special connections which each of the men before the guys decide as to which girl they'll vote for.

The guys then choose which side to go on: Robert and Nick go to Lea's side while Taylor and Corey go to Natalie's side and the final vote comes down to Benz. He says both of the girls have a piece of his heart but in the end he chooses Lea.

"You were so busy breast feeding Taylor that you didn't get a chance to know me. You just waited too late," Benz said about Natalie.

Natalie's love game ends with only two men on her side and Taylor and Corey get eliminated along with her.

I do hope Taylor and Natlie make something happen together because he seems to really love her.

After Natalie's departure, Lea had to narrow the three guys on her side down to a final two. The obvious elimination choice was Nick as he was too late in liking Lea.

Lea then gets to go to a beach house for two nights, spending one night with each of the guys. Robert goes on the first date and Benz goes on the second, hoping to make the final impression on Lea.

Benz makes a stupid statement after Lea asked him why should she choose him over Rob. He said if it was up to him he would choose Rob, saying he played the game while Rob was only there for Lea. Of course Lea gets upset and starts to think she made the wrong decision in keeping Benz around.

Benz, why would you say that when you're trying to win Lea over?

In the end, after what was supposed to be a romantic night, Lea kicked Benz out of the house after genuily feeling he wasn't there for her. This left only Robert by himself at the end. Robert and Lea's prize for being the last couple standing is a trip to Cancun, Mexico along with spending money.

Benz Veal

Benz tweeted today, "I dont regret anything from the finale of   every decision was made for a reason."

I knew Lea would be the final bad girl in the end and even though Benz was sexy as hell, I think she made the best decision with Robert. He has always been 'Team Lea' since the beginning.

What do you think about the winning couple? Did Lea make the right decision? And do you think Oxygen should have a male version of Love Games

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  1. I had a sinking feeling that Amber was going to go home because she doesn’t know how to stand up for herself and she didn’t have any guys on her side anymore. I’m not a huge fan of Lea but I want her to win because she has a better character than Lea and anyone over Natalie would be good. I know I can’t wait to watch the finale and even if I’m not at home, I can still watch it with the help of the DISH Remote Access app with DISH Network. The app is compatible with Apple, Android and Blackberry Mobile Devices and works with my Sling Adapter so I can watch live and pre-recorded shows outside of my home. The adapter is normally $99 but with an exclusive promotion to DISH Network customers, people can get it for free by going here I now work at DISH and I see that they have the best value in the industry and I’m always recommending that people check it out!


  2. yay im sooooo happy lea won!!

  3. I loved Amber! she should have not been sent home, Corey B and her should have definitely won!! They were so cute and actually looked like they cared for each other rather than lea and whatshisface. Lea has always been the fakest b**** in the bgc and she shows it on love games as well. Well, we all know why her wannabe bad a** self won..... by acting like the degrading h** that she is. This bitch is all bark but no bite!!... congrats on making yourself look like a s*** lea!! She just needs to get her a** whooped so she can shut that annoying trash talking mouth of hers man!! and natalie is just plain funny, love her too!



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