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Basketball Wives: Suzie Tries to Play Peacemaker, Evelyn and Royce Come to Blows

"Your girl Evelyn has a false sense of what real is," Royce said in the beginning of the show to Suzie.

Suzie tells Royce that everyone needs to sit down and put it on the table who said what to whom. It also seems like she grew bigger balls and now can face The Circle as she says she's ready to confront them because she's "so real" now.

"There's a lot of drama and conflict going on in different ways and different people so it's going to be very interesting," Suzie said.

A 35-year-old Evelyn and her fiance Chad Ochocinco decide on extending their family. Between them they already have five kids and now want to do in vitro, seperating the boys from the girls to have twin boys.

Royce and her new boo
Royce throws a pool party and we see her new boyfriend, Brian. He sort of reminds me of her ex, basketball player, Dwight Howard. Royce says she's happy to hang out with her new friends who are other dancers, which makes sense. There's something between the wives and dancers.

"I'm totally fine with not being their (The Circle)friend, life is so much fun not hanging out with them," Royce says to her friends.

She clearly can't get over Evelyn and stays talking about her. "Evelyn, I just don't like her. I think Evelyn is a ho and when you cross me so many times, I just gotta let you go," she continues to say.

Meeka tells Suzie she doesn't remember talking about Royce. She confides in Suzie, wrong thing to do and wrong person to confide in.

Suzie suggests Meeka gets to the bottom of it to see who said what. She then asks Meeka if she thinks Royce was hiding behind Tamie.

"I never been a fan of bodyguards, let her talk for herself," Meeka said.

Suzie of course tells Royce about her and Meeka's conversation and Royce says, "I don't need a bodyguard. Clearly I'm good, I can hold my own, I don't need co-signers. Welcome to Miami, city of drama."

Meeka then meets up with Shaunie and tells her how Tamie came at her sideways. Shaunie tells her she's clueless as to who said what and tells her to be careful with who she talks to and repeating information.

Meeka continues to bounce around and then meets up with Royce. Royce feels like The Circle doesn't want the two of them to be cool and they decide to squash their beef for now.

Wow these ladies act like they're in high school.

Towards the end, Evelyn, Jennifer, Royce and Suzie all meet up hoping to clear the air and resolve issues.

Jennifer doesn't like the fact that Royce and her soon to be ex-husband are cool and talking on Twitter.

Royce thinks Jennifer doesn't like her because on last season's reunion, Royce thought Jennifer leaked her own nude photos and still thinks she did.

So starting right off the back at the meeting Royce tells Evelyn that she doesn't like her ways or anything she stands for.

"You're a bum," Evelyn said to Royce.

"And you're a ho," Royce responds.

Next thing you know, classic Evelyn throws some ice or something on the table at Royce and the two start swinging at each other. But it doesn't last long because security jumps in and breaks them up.

"Oooh you're lucky," Royce said to Evelyn. "You were about to get it."

"Bring it with your ten pound a**," Evelyn said back. "If security didn't come I would of punched her in her face that's how mad I was sitting there."

Royce said Evelyn was lucky security was there to break them up and that she won't miss hitting her again.

Next week the drama continues when Meeka and Tami get into it.


  1. Royce is a trip. Her new man Brian is only with her to promote his business. What real man would leave his pregnant fiancée ford a "jump-off". She is a dumb hoe with no morals. Brian's ex needs to put him on blast! Royce needs to respect her self as a woman. She really seems desperate....too bad Brian is cheating on her, maybe she knows that as well.


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