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One of Lil' Wayne's Baby Momma's Gets Married While the Other Gets Arrested

The "Don't Mess With My Man" singer, Nivea Hamilton Nash, ex-wife of The Dream and one of Lil' Wayne's baby momma's, was driving home from  Antonia “Toya” Carter's wedding reception (Lil' Wayne's other baby momma and childhood girlfriend) when she crashed her vehicle into a tree.

She reportedly also had a small baby in the car, luckily no one was hurt.

According to reports, Nivea decided to call the cops to report her car accident and upon their arrival, authorities realized she was under the influence and Nivea was arrested for a DUI.

And according to Bossip, Nivea reportedly got very belligerent with the investigating officer, at one point telling her ..”B*tch I Could Buy you Ho!” ... Buy her with Lil' Wayne's money? I'm just saying.

Toya and Mickey “MempHitz” Wright married in a private ceremony this past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Wayne didn’t attend the wedding but he congratulated Toya online via twitter, "Hat's off to Toya and Memphis, best wishes!"

Actress Lauren Londen, Lil' Wayne's other baby momma, was also in attendance at Toya's wedding.

Nivea's mug shot is below: