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Amy Winehouse Screws Up Her 'Come Back' Tour & Gets Booed Off Stage

How ironic that Amy Winehouse has a song "Rehab" and in the song she sings, "They try to make me go to rehab and I say no, no, no..."

Before her recent European 'Come Back' tour started she supposedly spent two weeks at a clinic to get treated. Well apparently she's back at it and needs rehab..again. 

Just this past weekend, she performed at a festival in where she had trouble with basic functions like standing up straight, remembering her own lyrics, using a microphone and she was an hour late to her own concert.

At first she reportedly had support from the audience, but after her behavior began to worsen, she was booed off of the stage!

According to Entertainment Weekly, she recently canceled the rest of her European tour after her shameful performance. 

Damn girl, get it together before you have no fans left!