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Single Ladies: April Gets Busted, Malcolm and Keisha Hook Up, Val Goes on a Bad Blind Date

 This weeks show starts off in Val's boutique, her friends gossip about her going out on dates lately. She admits that her mother has been trying to fix her love life but she found the solution to her problem. Looking for her prince charming, Val decides to do online dating.
"I say go for it, if a man is gonna lie he's gonna lie in person or on the website," April says. And she has the nerve to talk about lying.

April is taken back that the Mayor she's creeping with is seeing other women.

"It kills me, when the other woman actually gets offended that there's another 'other' woman," Val said.

Keisha says if you fall in love you'll get hurt and they all get crushed in love.

The mayors wife then walks in and says she needs to ask a question. April gets scared and thinks she's busted and says "this probably isn't the best place to have this conversation."

The wife is like, what are you talking about. Comes to find out she came to the store just for a new dress.

Keisha and Malcolm go house hunting and we find out how they met; at a casino while Keisha was gambling. He says he walked over to ther table, they played, he took her money and afterwards he took her to dinner.

Later that night, an excited Val sets up her online dating profile. She says she just can't have random sex, it has to mean something her.

"Sometimes it means your horny, sometimes it means rent, sometimes it means a new pair of shoes," Keisha tells her.

Keisha thinks she's out of the woods with the watch situation and says she's not ready to have sex with Malcolm just yet.

In the next scene, April and her husband Daryl are making love and he feels a disconnect.

"Where were you...I was inside you and you couldn't have been further from me," Daryl said.

Later, the ladies accompany Val to her online dating spot and after seeing how fine the man is Val decides she no longer needs backup and ditches the girls.

Val opens up to her date and starts to feel comfortable. But as soon as she starts liking him, he comes out and says it's okay to experiment.

Val is like "excuse me!" and he says as a rule he usually doesn't date black women.

"Black women tend to have an attitude, sometimes you guys can be a little loud and sassy, but you're not at all and that's why I like you. The craziest part is I even like your hair, it's actually nice..." he says to Val. Uh-oh!

Val takes offense, stands up, tells him off, calls him a sorry excuse for a brother and then Casey (Val's one night stand from the last episode) shows up to her rescue and says "date over."

" matter how many times you dip your chocolate stick into some vanilla icecream your children are gonna be black too," Val says to her online date.

Later on, Val and Corey go out on a date and she rides a mechanical bull. Everything is going smooth until Corey reminds her she gave it up on the first night then she calls their date quits.

As April and Keisha are sitting at the bar, some breaking news comes on about the Mayor and reports that another woman came forward claiming she's one of the Mayors mistresses. The Mayor texts April to stop contacting him and Keisha tells April to distance herself from the Mayor since he's going down.

Later on, Keisha shows up at Malcom's house dressed in his favorite color, red. But he has the serious face as he reads an excerpt from Jasmine's (the black-mailer) tell-all book basically describing Jasmine as a gold digger.

Then he asks her if the two of them stole his watch off Cameron's video set and she tells him no. I think she should have came clean and just explained everything right there and then. Now she can't ever come out and be real with him or it'll be even worse.

Malcom says as much as he wants her, he's going to fall back but he can't resists and kisses her. The two then share a very intimate night as Marsha Ambrosius "With You" plays in the background.

The Mayors mistress count is now up to nine and when April gets home she's busted because her picture is on the news and included in the count with the other women.

"Seven wasted years of honoring you and treating you like the queen you were and you're just a ho," Daryl said to his wife.

She tries to deny it saying the media is lying but he's not buying it because he went through her phone and saw the texts to the Mayor then he kicks her out!

She later turns to her friends and shows up at Val and Keisha's place early in the morning. Keisha tells April to admit to Daryl the truth.

The next day, Keisha gets worried because Malcolm hasn't called her after their hook up. Daryl comes in to Val's boutique and asks her if she knew about April's infidelity.

We come to find out that Daryl and Val were friends first and she even introduced him to April. Daryl and Val knew each other since college and they always looked out for each other, until now.

Stuck in the middle between the couple she says she wishes she didn't know anything and says she's sorry. He calls her sorry and storms out.

Towards the end of the show: As April is packing at her house, she admits to Daryl that she cheated with the Mayor and said she's willing to do anything to fix their marriage but Daryl isn't hearing it. Corey shows up to Val's boutique with flowers and apologizes. Malcolm still hasn't called Keisha. The mayors wife walks into Val's shop to pick up her dress and recognizes April.

"Excuse me but I don't know the exact protocol when I run into one of my husbands whores," she says. "Did it mean anything to you when you slept with a married man...I have no respect for women like you, who recklessly tear through other women's lives."

She then says April should have kept her legs closed then like she's keeping her mouth closed now. Damn!

What do you think? Should Val have told Daryl since they were friends first or was she right for sticking to girl code and keeping April's secret a secret?

And what about Val and Corey? Can a relationship come out of a one-nighter?

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