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Single Ladies: Keisha Gets Set Up, Val Gets a New Beau, April & Darryl Go to Counseling

Val's new intern (far left)
Last week on Single Ladies April got busted for sleeping with the Mayor and her husband kicked her out, Keisha slept with Malcolm and has not heard from him since and Val was trying out dating.

On this weeks episode, the ladies are chatting it up in a restaurant, Keisha tells the ladies she wants to get her real estate license, April wants to set Val up with a guy she knows and April tells the ladies that Darryl agreed to go to marriage counseling.

During their discussion, Mr. Malcolm pops up and talks to Keisha on the side and she's not happy. Malcolm hasn't returned her phone calls for two weeks and his excuse was that he was traveling and doing his thing.

"Do me a favor, lose my number because I'm damn sure going to lose yours," she tells him.

Keisha is so raw when it comes to love that she seems to have shaken Malcolm off saying her emotions won't rule her, she knew what she got herself into when she slept with him and she says they made no promises to each other. But deep down she still likes him.

Back at the boutique, one of Val's wealthy customers continues to shop while her tab builds up and goes un-paid. Val also scopes out a new bold, confident intern named Christina for her business. On the same day she meets a new man named, Blake (Darrin Henson), who is April's friend.

The two start bonding and they seem to be a good fit for each other but that doesn't last too long.

While Blake and Val are making out at her place, Val finds out that Blake doesn't believe in men going down on females, he calls it un-manly. This doesn't fly for Val and she kicks him.

"You have to give to receive," she said.

Even though April's marriage is on an emotional rollercoaster, she finds a new artist named Mac Miller, a rapper who may help move her up in her career. But she misses her chances when the rapper gets signed because she was dealing with her marriage issues in counseling.

"I know marriage isn't all happy all the time. It's getting through the rough patches that make it stronger, They're are a lot of women in Atlanta, but no woman in the world could ever make me cheat on you, hurt you and betray us," Darryl said to April while in counseling. He's still having difficulties with her cheating.

Keisha attends a 'Millionare of Atlanta' event with Chilli (from TLC). She meets a guy named Winston (Rick Fox) whom she starts chatting with while in the view of Malcolm who is also at the event.

Winston offers Keisha $10,000 to share a night with him and slips a down payment in her hand. She is taken back and offended that she just got treated like a prostitute.

Keisha meets up with Winston and returns his money. As she's leaving down the stairs she see's Winston meeting up with Malcolm. He gives Malcom the money and tells him Keisha didn't take it. She then realizes she's been set up by Malcolm.

Next weeks episode summary taken from VH1's Single Ladies website:
Confidence Games: A party at "V" leaves Val with more dates than she can handle, but after a pep talk from Keisha, she quickly learns how to juggle. The Cold War continues between Keisha and Malcolm, but her new conquest, a distinguished professor, keeps her on her toes. April receives a shocking birthday surprise from Darryl. And Val gives Christina advice on one of her school designs.

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