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Basketball Wives: Heels, Shoes & Butts Out...Oh My! Tami vs. Meeka & The Ladies Tape Season 3's Reunion Last Night

Suzie sits in between the raft; Meeka and Tami
 On last weeks Basketball Wives: The ladies spent their time in Rome and the drama followed. Tami and Meeka's relationship reaches an all time new level of hate. Evelyn and Jen's relationship changed after Evelyn listened to a phone interview where Jennifer called her fiancĂ©, Chad Ochocinco an "attention whore."

Is Jennifer jealous of Evelyn and the fact that her best friend is getting married while she's getting a divorce?

"My friendship with her will never be the same and it's sad," Evelyn said about Jennifer.

When Evelyn confronted Jennifer about it Jennifer felt like she didn't say anything wrong and she didn't mean it in a negative way which only angered Evelyn even more. This ended with a f*ck you out of Evelyn's mouth leaving a sad Jennifer standing there in shock.

I never thought there would be a day when Jennifer and Evelyn have beef.

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A crying Jennifer apologizes to Evelyn and Evelyn just wants Jennifer to support her and be there as a friend. The two talk out their differences and quickly make up.

While at dinner with all the girls, minus Royce who was not invited to the trip, the tension is so thick between Meeka and Tami.

Tami starts off immitating Meeka's voice and making fun of her and Meeka tells Tami that she needs to grow up.

"Since she had a lot to say about my weave I thought she shouldn't have anything to say sitting over there looking like a transvestite Mary J. Blige," Tami said.

A couple of shut the f*ck ups, yelling, eye rolling and finger pointing later, Tami makes her point and just wants Meeka to be real and say what she has to say to her face. Meeka apologizes to Tami for pre-judging her and this settles the drama between these two...for now.

Meeka messes up again and decides to divulge some information on her feelings about Tami to Suzie.

Don't these people learn that Suzie is the wrong one to talk to. Then Meeka says she's not letting anybody ruin her trip.

Well Suzie goes back to Evelyn and starts talking about what Meeka says. Suzie says she doesn't want to be in the middle of anymore mess.

Well Suzie, you just opened your mouth...again! Tami walks over to Evelyn and Suzie then the Meeka gossip spills out.

Just as Tami was going to squash her beef with Meeka, Suzie tells them that Meeka said when she first met Tami, Tami said her and Royce was the "real side" and the other girls were "the phony side."

"Out of the goodness of my heart I was gonna let her (Meeka) have a wonderful vacation but long and behold it all goes in vein because I find out she's still talking sh*t," Tami said.

Later on, the ladies go to a club in Rome and while in V.I.P, Tami jumped right into it with Meeka.

"I don't like Meeka and she's going to feel the raft of my not liking her," Tami said.

Meeka says Suzie has diarrhea of the mouth. Tami gets up to sit closer to Meeka and I'm just like uh-oh! It's about to go down!

Tami raises her voice and tells Meeka she didn't say Evelyn, Shaunie and Jennifer were "the phony side" but she said they were "the popular people."

Next thing you know Tami straight up hits Meeka in the face outta nowhere! We all knew this was a moment waiting to happen. Since the beginning of the season these two have been clashing.

 "It's just heels, dresses and boobs flying everywhere and butts out," Shaunie said staring in shock.

After security seperated the two, Meeka got escorted out of the club and the rest of the ladies left right after.

"It's not over if that b*tch gets in this car tomorrow I'ma bust her in her motherf*ckin' face everytime I see her," Tami said.

Later on, Meeka writes Shaunie a letter, cuts her trip short and heads back to Miami.

"I feel like Tami is a bum-b*tch about drama and that's not me," Meeka said, also calling Tami a classless chick.

The next day, the ladies have no idea where Meeka is. Shaunie admits it was a bad idea for Meeka to come along on the trip.

Before the ladies leave Rome, Shaunie receives Meeka's letter and reads it out loud to the rest of the ladies and the letter pretty much bashes Tami.

"I'm going to pray that was the last of Tami and Meeka because I don't won't them to be in the same place at the same time ever again," Shaunie said.

When everyone gets back to Miami, Meeka confronts Suzie about going back and running her mouth which started the whole fight.

Trips always get ruined on Basketball Wives, Royce messed up the Madrid trip last season and Meeka ruined this season's trip.

Is the beef squashed now between Tami and Meeka or will there be another round if the two see each other in Miami?

Well according to Tami's Twitter account, the ladies taped the reunion show yesterday with Tami tweeting, "FYI-today is our reunion taping-havent seen the girls in a couple of weeks-Lord grant me favor, patience-shackle my hands & bridle my tongue."

Royce tweeted yesterday, "FYI-today is our reunion taping-havent seen the girls in a couple of weeks-Lord grant me favor, patience-shackle my hands & bridle my tongue."

Shaunie tweeted after the reunion taping and said, "The Reunion filming has begun.. and already I can say no one is gonna want to miss this one. "

Tami tweeted today just recently, "Twit Fam-my TL is on 1000 about last night. Hopefully u will see the truth come out. Our reunion will bring several things 2light."

I can't wait for the reunion special! Rumor has it there was a BIG fight between two of the ladies, someone who went to the reunion special tweeted, "poor Meeka."