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The Challenge Rivals: Hook-Ups Galore, A Cocky Evan Faces His Death Sentence & The Rivals After Show Special

Last week was a girls elimination round as Sarah & Katelynn were beat by rookies, Jasmine & Jonna in the jungle. And Johnny & Tyler stepped up and won again for the second time in a row for the guys.

House Drama
CT opens up to Laurel about the death of his brother.
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This weeks house drama of course comes from the love triangle: CT, Mandi and Laurel.

Everyone in the house starts noticing that CT and Laurel are connecting more. Upstairs, the two are talking and CT opens up to Laurel about the death of his brother. 

It seems as if Laurel is moving in on "Mandi's piece".

"I feel the connection we have is real. I just want to see where it goes," Laurel says.

Laurel goes downstairs where the rest of the housemates are and everyone starts making a big deal about her and CT infront of Mandi.

"How do my sloppy seconds taste you little whore," Mandi yells out to Laurel.

Laurel detects Mandi's jealousy while Mandi defends her actions and claims to only look at CT as eye candy only.

"I think these girls falling for CT are gonna look like such suckers," Evelyn said.

Wes says CT's attempts at flirting with chicks won't save him in votes. Wes still has his mind set on his mission: get CT out of the house before the finals.

Wes believes his buddy and alliance members Evan & Nehemiah can take out CT & Adam, basing it on Evan's size and matching it up with CT's size. But Evelyn thinks differently. Well of course the guys don't listen and go along with their plan anyway.

A little later, Nehemiah & Evan beef a little and start to lack communication within their team. Evan even says at one point him and Nehemiah are not on speaking terms.

This Weeks Challenge
The teams play "Catch & Release" and last weeks winners Jen & Mandi get to pick the order in this weeks challenge. Jen decides to pick the obvious, CT & Adam to go first in siding with Wes' alliance. Mandi feels some type of way with her partners decision but has no choice but to go along with it.

"You playing with your heart is a prime example why you're not leading this team," Jen says to Mandi.

CT says he already expects to go first every single time in thinking that the other teams want to mimic him and Adam's performance in the challenges.

Evan backpaddles to the finish line just in time to send him into the jungle.
Evan taking his sweet time swimming in the water
Nehemiah & Evan basically get used as guinea pigs in the trio's alliance this week. The trio of course includes; Johnny & Tyler and Wes & Kenny along with Evan & Nehemiah.

Nehemiah tries his hardest to pull off a good time in finishing the challenge not knowing his partner is throwing the challenge on purpose.

Evan just chills in the water and goofs off on purpose. He goes along with the plan to sacrifice him and Nehemiah in hoping CT & Adam will face them in the Jungle.

It's an awkward boat ride after Evan throws the challenge without telling Nehemiah.
Nehemiah is pissed at his partner
Well this pisses off Nehemiah and he says to everyone, "We're playing a game with a bunch of b*tches and I'm playing with the biggest one on my team."

Kenny & Wes shake off their DQ streak this week and actually pull off a win by just beating CT & Adam in the swimming challenge which Wes excels in. And Laurel and Cara Maria win the $2,000 prize for the girls this week.

House Drama Cont'd after the challenge
Mandi's jealousy really starts to show as she says Laurel can have CT because she doesn't feel like competing with her over him.

"I gave up on Mandi, kind of over it and I set my sights on Laurel," CT said.

Mandi gets upset and starts yelling at CT. He tells Mandi that his biggest regret was talking to her and he says to her, "know your role." Damn! Can we say, played!

Mandi then swears to Evan, Johnny and some other people that she didn't have sex with CT because they think she did. Well Mandi doesn't waste anytime with moving on to the next one. Next thing you know she is shown in Wes' bed. Evan says Mandi is loosey, goosey because she slept with CT now quickly with Wes, so he thinks.

In another bed, Jen and Adam also start to cozy up night after night. Adam keeps talking about his huge crush on Jen throughout the whole show and how he would also potentially and eventually marry her if they weren't on the show and if he had more private time.

Elimination Round
It comes to no surprise that during voting CT & Adam are the chosen ones to go up against a well planned out Evan & Nehemiah.

"We're gonna show you why everyone is scared of us," a cocky CT says to the alliance.

The guys laugh it off like they're not scared. CT, a great competitor, has never won a challenge yet. He is so positive that he is winning the jungle before he even starts the challenge and he just knows he is coming back to the house.

CT and Adam get stuck on a corner in the jungle.
There's no stopping the beast CT in this elimination round
Well during the elimination round, Evan couldn't back up all the talk he had. His heaviness and him and Nehemiah's lack of communication showed in the jungle as CT & Adam spanked them in the challenge.

Now, 1/3 of the alliance is eliminated and Wes' plan didn't go too well because CT is still in the house.

Special: Rivals After Show

After all the drama and hook ups on this episode, former Real World castmate and challenger himself, Mike "The Miz", who is now a WWE wrestler, hosted the After Show. The After Show featured; Laurel, Mandi, CT, Wes, Nehemiah and Evan.

One funny moment was when The Miz asked Evan what he thought when he first saw that CT was on the show this season.

Evan responded, "I said you have been sent from the future to kill us. You are the terminator and it's a problem." Lol. Evan has plenty of funny punchlines, I'll actually miss him in the house just for that alone.

The Miz got down to the bottom of the love triangle and Mandi and CT said again that they didn't have sex. Evan said he believes they were playing "tummy sticks" together. Lol, whatever that means.

Mandi and Laurel bicker some more over CT.

"Everything that comes out of her mouth is a load of bullsh*t," Laurel says about Mandi and points Mandi out for not saying stuff to her face.

In the end, the two girls kiss and make up, literally.

Evan had to face his former partner, Nehemiah after screwing him over. But comes to find out Nehemiah was originally in on Wes' plan and knew about it from the start. 

Nehemiah spoke in his defense and said he knew about the alliance plan but they didn't execute it right. The plan was to put the rookies up for elimination first, not him and Evan so quickly. Oh well.