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The Challenge Rivals: Wes Schemes as His Alliance Comes Up With a D-Day Plan, CT Has Some Ladies in the House Sprung Out

House Drama

The castmembers enjoy an outing at the beach which turns to gossip time for Evan, Kenny and Johnny who start talking about their partners and the game.

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"Everyone is stuck with an a**hole," Kenny said.

Later on at the house the guys continue to gossip and sneaky Wes joins in on the talk.

"The reason why I make alliances the way I do is to protect myself at the final challenge," Wes said.

There is a three-way alliance going on: Kenny & Wes, Johnny & Tyler and Evan and Nehemiah who are all hoping to make it to the final three.

Evan says they will not win if CT & Adam make it all the way to the final. With Evelyn & Paula winning last weeks challenge for the girls, they get to pick the order in this weeks challenge.

Evan comes up with a plan to tell Evelyn & Paula to put CT & Adam first and have the men in their three-way alliance go last so they can see how CT performs before them. Then Evan will purposely DQ himself so he can take out CT in the elimination round. The guys later on reveal their lineup to Paula and Evelyn.

Paula of course says she will back up the guys' plan. Evelyn on the other head thinks this isn't the best move and says it probably won't even result in CT going home.

"They're thinking Evan will stand a chance against CT because Evan is big, I think CT will kick the sh*t out of Evan because Evan is fat and out of shape," Evelyn said to Wes and Paula.

Wes doesn't really care about Evelyn's opinion and tells her she needs to let the guys play their game.

Later on, the castmates decide to have some fun and decide to play "Truth or Dare." People exchange kisses and when it's Leroy turn, he picks a dare that says, "lick the ear of the person to the left of you." The person left to him is CT and CT yells, "I quit."

Being that CT doesn't do his dare, he has to take off an article of clothing. As he's doing that, the girls are checking him out, especially Mandi and also Laurel. CT gets completely naked, flaunts his goodies and then jumps in the pool

"...I know he flirts with Mandi but I rather he flirt with me instead," Laurel said.

Mandi says, "His d*ck is a decent size."

Leroy says that CT is top dog of the house and that everybody is scared of CT except for him.

The Challenge

This weeks challenge is called "Hammock Crawl" where the teams had to crawl in hammocks from one platform to another platform in the fastest time. There was also a 15 minute time limit to complete this challenge which required upper body strength to pull across numerous hammocks.

Evelyn and Paula think about Wes' lineup plans and don't want CT & Adam to come back from this challenge and then be pissed at them since they're a strong team. But in the end, they decide to go with Wes' plans because Paula already gave her alliance their word and CT & Adam go up first against Leroy & Mike.

"It's obvious that people hate CT more than they like me which is very offensive," Adam said.

CT & Adam complete their round and set the standards high as the team to beat throughout the challenge.

Kenny can't hold on for long
When Kenny & Wes go up, Kenny flips over in the hammock and can't manage to flip it right side up. He disappoints his alliance and falls into the water as him and Wes take a DQ.
"I'm extremely frustrated because Kenny once again proves he's the weakest link," Wes said.

On the girl side, Katelynn punks out of the challenge and says she's scared of heights leaving Sarah to crawl across the hammocks by herself and they get DQ'd which doesn't really matter to them since it's a guy eliminaton day.

Laurel and Cara Maria are the only girl team that makes it across the hammocks but they don't do it in the 15 minute time limit so none of the girls win the $2,000 cash prize.

For the guys, Evan & Nehemiah have the fastest time but DQ by accident leaving Johnny & Tyler to win this week.

CT Love Triangle

Later on, the castmates go out and party in Costa Rica and CT has some of the ladies sprung. Mandi and Laurel both want his attention. Laurel takes it upon herself to find out who CT is and wants to know why people think he's a monster. Mandi catches Laurel flirting and talking to her man and Johnny tells Laurel she's making a big mistake by flirting with CT.

Elimination Round

Since Kenny & Wes came in last place, they automatically go into elimination. The house decision comes down to sending Ty & Brandon against them. Wes of course doesn't want to face CT in the elimination round and take a risk of going home.  
Before the challenge, Kenny feels like he is starting to lose faith in himself. He's a good competitor but is feeling the pressure from his partner Wes, who is out performing him in challenges.

Both teams played "Going Up" in the jungle and of course Wes & Kenny came out as the champs.

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