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Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer Released

Is it just me or does anybody else think Paranormal Activity is done?

The first Paranormal was good, it was different, it was scary. But the second one was terrible. The audience already knew what to expect, the story seemed to roll along slowly and the plot wasn't interesting anymore.

Paranormal Activity 3 5So now Paranormal 3 is coming out and I'm just like really?

The movie this time takes place in 1988 and it looks as if possesed Katie is back and is now trying to figure out what happened with her and her sister when they were children.

And although I would never call Bloody Mary three times in the mirror, like the little girls say in the trailer below, I still don't think this Paranormal Activity will be scary.

Paranormal Acitivity 3 comes out in theaters on October 21st and I won't be going out to spend my 11 bucks on it, I'll just wait till the movie comes out on Netflix.


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