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America's Got Talent: The Best Went Through on Tonight's Elimination Round

Last night was one of my favorite round of performances. Tonight, four more groups were picked to join the other acts in the semi-finals on America's Got Talent.

The show started off with Skippers (the jump ropping crew), Purrfect Angelz (the all female crew) and Ian Johnson (the yo-yo guy).

When these three acts were on stage I was thinking, "are you serious!" these are so not my picks. But then Nick delivered the news that none of them were going through. Well, what a way to start off the show.
Pop Lyfe in their first audition

Pop Lyfe and Landau Eugene Murphy, who has a very soulful, jazz voice were up next as another curve ball was thrown into the elimination round and they both made it through.

There is something about this band Pop Lyfe that I love and I loved their last song choice, Adele's "Rolling in the Deep."

Landau in last nights performance

The judges were also happy with America's choice and AGT judge, Sharon Osbourne also said some strong words, "There is a place for each one of you in the music industry today and I feel so strongly that both of you are gonna be in the final."

Lys Agnes in last nights performance
Monet, Mauricio Herrera, Captain & Maybelle, Lys Agnes were up together in the next round of eliminations.

Lys Agnes, the opera singer with the amazing vocals and long blonde braids survived.

The bottom three were: Sh'Boss Boys, Seth Grabel and Professor Splash.

Sh'Boss Boys were eliminated first and even though they're cute little kids, I knew they wouldn't make it to the semi-finals compared to the other acts. I did feel a little bad for them when Nick Cannon said their names to be eliminated and one of the kids did an early celebration because he thought they made it.

The last decison came down to the judges to pick between magician, Seth Grabel and the daredevil, Professor Splash.

Professor Splash taking his high fall
outside into that little 12 in. pool
It came down to a split decision between Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne and the final vote came down to Piers Morgan who decided to save Professor Splash who jumped 36 feet! (watch the video below)

I look forward to seeing what else he has in store with the fire in which he said he will add to jumping down into the water.

Well, the best four out of those 12 acts went through tonight. Who do you like?

There is one more group of 12 left, who do you think will make it to the finals?

One of the most unique acts
on last years AGT, Fighting Gravity

One of last years contestants, Fighting Gravity, came back to perform on the AGT stage one more time. They made it to the top three last season and were a definite Vegas act.