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Pretty Little Liars: Ian's Death Causes More Problems for the Ladies and 'A' Shares Another Clue About Allison's Death

This week on Pretty Little Liars: The ladies try to figure out why Ian would kill himself when he was just ready to leave town with Melissa. Comes to find out that Ian has been dead for at least a week before the body was found.

This means Ian wasn't texting Melissa and Jason wasn't hiding Ian in his house. So who was the shadow lurking in Jason's window when Spencer was talking to Jason outside his house that day?

Hanna took a picture of Ian's "suicide note" and Emily starts to study the words. She receives a text from 'A' that reads, "Hey Em is it just me or does that suicide note look familiar? -A"

Back at Spencers house, Melissa is grieving and Spencer's family is in disagreement if they should even give Ian a funeral or not, with finding out about his confession of killing Allison in his "suicide note."

Later on, Spencer searches on the internet for engagement rings to replace Melissa's. She realizes they're all expensive and gives up but then receives a text, from 'A' of course:

"Would mommy hug a thief? Tell the truth Spencer or you'll get that ring when you least expect it. -A"

In Hanna's house, she tells her mom everything is over and they can breath again, thinking Ian was the problem. Caleb comes over to check on Hanna and they also reconnect towards the end and kiss.

Aria gets a little jealous over one of Ezra's colleagues and wants people to look at her other than Ezra's former student. Since the couple doesn't have to hide their relationship anymore and Aria is working at Ezra's new school, she figures people can start warming up to their relationship.

Something is also up with her brother, Mike. He tries to break into Jason's house but Jason catches him in the act then brings him home to Aria.

Jason and Aria seem like they always have some awkward connection everytime they run into each other. She asks Jason why didn't he call the police on her brother and he says he has seen enough cops at his house.

Mike confesses to Aria that he was the one who broke into Emily's garage, the ladies thought it was Ian at the time. Mike also was the masked man in Spencer's house who charged at Aria and knocked her over.

What is going on with Mike and does he have something to do with 'A' or is he just a distraction so we think he has something to do with 'A'?

Emily goes to check out a suspicious package that was supposed to be sent to her house. As she does that she runs into a familiar delivery boy named Logan Reed and starts to have flashbacks of him. She comes to find out this Logan guy dropped off a package to Ian in the woods one night. But he says to Emily he never met Ian. He says Ian didn't hire him, it was a woman, but he never met the woman either because they used a P.O Box.

When Emily goes home she starts to piece together Ian's "suicide note" with old texts from 'A'. She comes to realize the entire suicide note is made up with these 'A' texts and tells the rest of the ladies.

They all come to a conclusion that Ian didn't kill himself and 'A' must have been the one to write Ian's "suicide letter."

Spencer snaps for a second and says nothing they do will bring Allison back and that 'A' has them obsessed and still looking for clues from old messages.

Later on while at Ian's funeral, Aria spots Jason sitting in the cemetary and she walks over to talk to him. He starts reminiscing about Allison and says, "you don't know how good it is to know it wasnt me."
Jason remembers back to the night of Allison's murder and says he woke up with a hangover and doesn't remember anything from that night.

He says he woke up with a note in his pocket that said, "I know what you did" and he held on to it this whole time and showed it to Aria.

Jason told her that Ian's confession helps him to know that he didn't kill his sister.

Emily talks to the cop, Garrett and tells him she saw Logan Reed. He tells her to find out who this woman is who hired him. So Emily now has a new mission.

Towareds the end, Garrett goes to Logan and pays him to basically go away. He then calls Jenna and tells her it has been taken care of.

Well the obvious is that Jenna is the woman who hired Logan.

Melissa who has been quite throughout most of the episode, finally speaks towards the end, after the funeral and tells Spencers the sex of the baby, she's having a girl.

She starts apologizing to Spencer for choosing Ian over her and said she lied to everybody, including the police, in thinking she was protecting an innocent man. She tells Spencer there is something she doesn't know. But a phone call cuts her off and it's Ian's cell phone ringing from Spencers pocket. Melissa freaks out and thinks Spencer was the one who sent her those texts from Ian's phone.

At the end of the show, Emily receives a text from 'A' that reads, "Sometimes the shortest distance from plot A to plot B is the long way around. -A"

She then looks at a map of the cemetary to where Ian is buried.
'A' sends the ladies on a hunt to the cemetary and when they get there they see a projector of Allison and Ian's secret date playing, the same videos they found before which lead them to believe Ian murdered Allison in the first place.

This time, the ladies see the entire video and Allison didn't die then. She fell to the ground in the video but gets back up, so Ian is not shown killing Allison on that tape

What is Jenna's part in all of this? Did Jenna want Allison dead for making her blind? Is she 'A' or one of them?

And what was Melissa trying to tell Spencer? What does Spencer not know?

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