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America's Got Talent: 1st Semi-Finals

The judges stood up a lot tonight giving out a couple of standing ovation's as they were well deserved because last nights America's Got Talent had some really good acts.

Standing ovation: Lys got a standing ovation from all three of the judges - Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel, left to rightThe semi-finals have started on AGT and the first 12 acts are as follows:

Zuma Zuma, Beth Ann Robinson, Sandou Trio Russian Bar, West Springfield Dance Team, Kevin Colis, Matt Wihelm, Poplyfe, Melissa Villasenor, Lys Agnes, Miami All Stars, Daniel Joseph Baker and Team iLuminate.

Only five can go through to compete in the top 10. My top picks from last nights show are:

1) Miami All Stars - I'm a huge fan of the swing era and the old school music and dancing. This salsa dance group sold the 40's look and killed their routine. Piers even said, "I think that was my favorite performance of the whole night."

2) Poplyfe - I've been a fan of this teen band since their first perfomance on AGT. Last night they performed a classic Beetle's song "Come Together."

Piers said he was worried that the song would be too big for the band to perform but after they wow'd the audience, he said "we are watching a band that is gonna be in the next two to three years a huge band in this country."

Sharon even told the group that she was looking at the winner. Their set even looked amazing and it felt like I was really watching stars.

3) Team iLuminate - This electric light glow in the dark dance group continues to impress me week to week with their moves and creativity. They created an "ilumi-game" on stage turning themselves into game pieces and then busting out into choreographed dance moves to LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem."

4) Lys Agnes - I loved her song choice, Evanescence "Bring Me to Life" and how she turned this rock song into opera. Her voice is amazing, even Howie said, "You know what I want to do to you" but then quickly cleared up what he meant by his comment and said he wants to get her votes. Sureee Howie, lol.

5) It was easy to point out the top four picks and my fifth one is hard because I like Matt Wihelm, the stunt bicyclist and I like Zuma Zuma's tricks.

But for the number five spot I'm going to go with the West Springfield Dance Team, the zombie dancers. This group was saved by Sharon as she picked them as her wild card and now Piers is impressed with the horror-themed performance and says it was their best yet.

Who are your picks? Will they make it? Tune in later today at 9 p.m. on NBC for the results.