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America's Got Talent: 2nd Semi-Finals

The second group of 12 took the Americas Got Talent stage in the hope of making it one step closer to join the top ten for the one million dollar prize.

Last week, West Springfield Dance Team, Poplyfe, Lys Agnes, Miami All Stars and Team iLuminate made it through the first semi-finals and are the first five to advance to the top ten.

I think last weeks semi-final show was way better and had better acts compared to this weeks show.

1st Semi-Finals Recap

This weeks acts are as follows: The Kinetic King, Fatally, Unique, Landon Swank, Gymkana, Summerwind Skippers, Snap Boogie, Anna Graceman, Steven Retchless, Smage Bros. Riding Shows, Professor Splash, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., and the Silhouettes.

Last night The Kinetic King had ping pong balls, candy and rulers that flew into the audience as the audience had to place on their goggles. Even though this act is different I feel like watching stuff fall down is not a million dollar act nor a Vegas show.

I don't think Fatally Unique, the dancers in the stray jackets, are as strong as the other dance crews that are left in the competition. This dance crew has the same style as West Springfield Dance Team and Sharon said, "This is definitely the year of the mean dance...happy dance is dead..."

Howie also said there are so many dance groups and this is the year of the dance. Do you think a dance crew will win this year?

A couple of acts messed up last night: Gymkana messed up their performance when one guy hit the fire as he was jumping through. Nick told Piers that the group probably wouldn't have messed up if Piers didn't buzz them.

Summerwind Skippers This dance team uses jump ropes and messed up the last time with the ropes. They also had a couple of boo boo's tonight. The whole time I was clenching my teeth like "ohh don't mess up" and Piers even buzzed them right at the end of their performance.

Piers said he is looking for perfection or near it and said he buzzed them because this crew made two huge mistakes. Sharon says she knows the jump roping crew will be around for the final.

My top picks from last nights show are:

1) Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. - The singer with amazing vocal skills. Howie said he deserved to be in the finals. Piers on the other hand, said that wasn't Landau's best performance and someone shouted out in the audience, "you're evil!" Lol.

"Your voice is like velvet, your tone is amazing..I know we're going to see you back," Sharon added.

2) Smage Bros. Riding Shows - These motorcyclists had an amazing performance and tricks. One trick included seven people laying down while the motorcyclists jumped over them. The judges are positive that this act is going through.

3) Steven Retchless - The pole dancer. I feel like the men judges are such haters on this guy. Piers buzzed him (of course) and said he dosn't see this as an act in Vegas and that it's something firefighters do not men. Steven has amazing pole dancing skills and tremendous strength. The part when Steven looked as if he was walking on air was crazy.

4) Landon Swank - The magician. His stunt involved help from the judges. Howie even said his heart was pounding after the magic trick which involved explosives. Piers added that Landon is close to entering into the top ten.

5) Silhouettes - This shadowy dance team didn't have the best reviews from the judges this time. Piers, being honest as usual, said he thought it was good, not great and preferred some of their past performances more. Sharon agreed and said this performance wasn't as strong as their last two. But I have hope that this unique dance team will be voted through.

Who are your picks? Will they make it? Tune in later today at 9 p.m. on NBC for the results.