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VMA Fashion #Fails: Nicki Minaj & Lady Gaga

Is Nicki Minaj trying to outdo Lady Gaga with having the most outrageous outfit at the Video Music Awards? called Nicki's look a "stylish" surgical mask. What do you think?

We've seen this look before...Michael Jackson's surgical mask perhaps?

Celebrity Alter Ego's:

Nicki Minaj has Roman, Beyonce has Sasha Fierce and now Gaga has Jo Calderon as she kept it simple tonight on the VMA's while portraying her alter ego (pictured below). "What will Gaga wear" also became a trending topic on Twitter earlier. What did you think about Gaga's choice on this years awards show?

Before the 'YoĆ¼ and I' piano-banging begins, Joe Calderone airs his grievances about Lady Gaga's high-heeled shower habits at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.
Previous Gaga VMA outfits:

So which diva wins for most craziest VMA outfit of all time? I have to give it to Gaga, try again Nicki.