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Bad Girls Club: Sides Are Drawn in the House and Nastasia Makes it Known She is Not to Be Messed With

Episode 3: Tale of Two Cliques

bad girls club episode 703 008 300x200 Bad Girls Club Recap (Season 7, Episode 3): A Tale of Two CliquesThe bad girls take over Mardi Gras in this weeks episode. They all go out together to party and pop bottles.

Shelly and her crew; Priscilla and Tasha seem to be chilling back, being more reserved and observing the other girls acting wild.

Judi said the lames can stay together because the other side which includes the leader Nastasia and her crew; Tasha and Angelic, like to have fun.

"This is such a joke, these girls aren't wasted...they are really acting like this because that's how they are. That is their true character," Tasha said.

Tiara lets loose and rides a bull in a skirt. "I didn't sign up to show my coochie," Priscella. "I don't think it's really cute that Tiara is riding the bull with her underwear showing."

The seperation in the house between the girls really starts to show since Judi came to her senses and she starts to become cool with Nastasia , Angelic and Tiara.

"That's why I like ya'll so much because ya'll didn't gang up on me," Judi said.

The two cliques start doing their own seperate thing. Shelly and her side stand up to the other ladies by eating dinner by themselves knowing everyone was supposed to eat together. As the other ladies plan to leave them, Shelly and crew walk in.

"It smells so delicious in our house, it smells like burnt weave," Tasha says out loud referring to Nastasia who was doing her hair. Nastasia tells Tasha if you have something to say then say it to her face.

Judi, Nastasia, Angelic and Tiara go out to dinner by themselves and say the other clique is annoying. As the two cliques go their seperate ways, Shelly, Tasha and Priscella stay home and decide to clean up their messy house.

After dinner, Nastasia and Judi scoop up men at a club. It doesn't take Judi much to sleep with one, "Okay, well he's cute. I'll f*ck him." Wow, just like that.

Once the girls return home, they see little sticky notes and their names on paper, left with messages saying, "clean up."

Nastasia makes a big fuss when she see's her wet clothes sitting on top of the washer machine. She makes it known that "her sh*t is hers" and screams "why is my sh*t wet?" as she gets up in both Priscilla and Tasha's face.

Tasha says living in the bad girls house is a boiling point and that she's eventually going to exploid.

Nastasia makes a charge for Priscilla but gets pulled away by the other girls and security.

"I ain't scared of you b*tch, keep drinking, keep getting stupid. You look like a fool," Priscilla said to Nastasia.

Right after the drama, Nastasia and Judi's men from the club come over to the house. Judi wastes no time with the small chit chat and grabs her man, takes him upstairs and says, "do you wanna talk about something deep or do you just want to f*ck because we can go either way."

Judi says she needs a stress reliever and a boy to talk to. Nastasia plays it safe and just kisses and talks to her boy toy. 

Later on, the girls get to stand on the leading float as the Grand Marshal's in a Mardi Gras parade. The parade brings them all togethether momentarily. People start throwing stuff at the bad girl's float once the girls run out of beads to throw out into the crowd.

On the ride home from the parade, Shelly questions Nastasia's new friendship with Judi and Shelly said she can't forgive Judi for her actions.

Shelly and Nastasia, who were close in the beginning, now have bad tension between them as Shelly doesn't understand why Nastashia likes Judi now. And Nastasia says Shelly probably thought she was going to run the house and have everyone following her.Back at the house Priscella and Tasha lead Judi to believe that they'll be there for her and they care. Meanwhile, they're just messing with her and still want to pick on her.

"I really don't mind picking on Judi because it's funny, I mean somebody's gotta do it so it might as well be me, at least I get a good laugh out of it," Tasha said.

Afterwards, Judi says she respects Tasha and Priscella for being real with her and now says she's confused and doesn't know who to trust.

Nastasia believes Judi is being tugged between two groups and knows deep down Tasha and Priscella don't like Judi.

Next week it looks like Judi starts crossing her clique and switches between sides not knowing who to trust. Doesn't she get it, you can't trust noone in the Bad Girls Club!

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