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The Challenge Rivals: One Team Gets Crushed Right Before The Finals & The Finals Begin!

The episode that we all have been waiting has arrived! The finals are here!

The remaining Challengers arrive in Patagonia.
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 We didn't see the elimination round last week and this week's episode picks back up in the club with CT defending his partner Adam from "The Mob" who are trying to break Adam down mentally before the final elimination round.

"CT's the only player here dumb enough to punch someone and get themselves kicked off a challenge and CT might just do that again tonight with Johnny," Evelyn said.

CT yells in Johnny face saying him and his crew don't know anything. Adam tells CT not to hit anyone and CT lets Adam know that he is in his corner and will be the guy that picks him up when he falls. CT says he will be the guy to make sure Adam crosses that finish line.

"They can say I'm not his friend, they can bad mouth me to Adam but when it comes down to it, I'm that kids best friend right now," CT said.

CT said he wants him and Adam to be cool like how they were when they first met in Paris on The Real World. CT tells Adam he is his friend and to get over it.

The next day, CT & Adam prepare themselves for the Jungle. Adam wants to come back to Jen and Laurel wants CT to come back to her.

Even though Jen has been sleeping in Adam's bed all those nights her head is in the game and she says she wants Johnny & Tyler to come back because they're apart of her alliance.

"The only thing worse than being the first person eliminated is being the last person eliminated. You can smell the finish line and getting sent home before, there's nothing worse," Johnny said.

Tyler said he's trained hard, he's a better competitor than the other guys and him and Johnny seem confident going up against CT & Adam.

In the final male elimination round the two teams play "T-Bone" and TJ lets the two teams know this game can get ugly.

CT has this crazy look on his face and says, "anybody wants a piece of me come get it, I'm right here I ain't going nowhere."

"Soon as I get in the middle of that pitt everyone is getting layed out," CT said with confidence, feeling really good about this elimination round.

He continues to say, "...I'm gonna truck through that place like a train, everyone's getting rolled. Finally I get to do something where I get to put my hands on people."

In the elimination round, Adam starts messing up and grabbing the wrong balls and CT is like, "Adam, what are you doing!?"

So to give Adam more time CT takes it upon himself to slow down Johnny & Tyler's speed by knocking into them.

"I've never been hit that hard in my entire life, I feel like I just hit a freight train going a 1,000 miles per hour," Tyler said.

Tyler and Adam fight tooth and nail in "T-Bone."
Adam and Tyler fight to get that last ball in
In the end, the game is very close and comes down to getting the last ball into the slot.

It's between Adam and Tyler who look so tired as they struggle to get the last ball in.

Well Tyler fought it out and of course it was Adam who ran out of energy and couldn't get that last ball in.

CT just sat in disbelief afterwards as they lose. He even tried dragging Adam up, literally dragging him at one point to the finish line, to get the last ball in because CT couldn't touch the ball himself. If this was a solo challenge CT would clearly go straight to the finals.

Johnny celebrates his team's victory.
Johnny & Tyler celebrate victory saying it's karma.

"The lowest point ever in challenge history for me was getting carried out on CT's back and today for me and Tyler to pull out one of the biggest upsets in elimination history speaks volume about what happens when you combine the two of us into one entity," Johnny said.

Johnny & Tyler now have a tighter bond and believe they are even more capable of winning the entire challenge now.

CT and Adam agonize over their loss.
It's over for CT & Adam
Adam admits to CT that he's the one that cost them the game, "I can't even look CT in the face right now, I know we lost because of me, he knows we lost because of me. If I was CT I would want to kill me right now."

CT said he's proud of Adam because he gave everything he had so he can't get mad at him. He says it just wasn't their time and it wasn't meant to be. Adam says he forgives CT for their past beef and the two seem cool now.

I just want to say that I'm proud of CT this season for kicking ass and not hitting anyone!

So, the six remaining teams; three female teams (Paula & Evelyn, Cara Maria & Laurel and Mandi & Jen) and three male teams (Johnny & Tyler, Wes & Kenny and Leroy & Mike) head back to the house to prepare for the finals.

The remaining teams receive a text from TJ saying the teams are moving again, to a third location for the final challenge. The teams leave Buenos Aires and arrive in Patagonia, another place in Argentina.

When the teams arrive in their new home, Paula has winning on her mind and I don't blame her, the girl is 0-8 in challenges.

Cara Maria & Laurel talk about Wes and Cara Maria says she can't be friends with an a**hole.

Mandi sticks up for Wes and says to Cara Maria, "That's the mentality of an eleven-year-old."

Laurel just wants her partner to be fresh and free of hatred before the final. Wes and Cara Maria have it out after she hears Wes talking crap about her to the rest of the housemates. Wes tells Cara Maria that she's extremely immature but she stands her ground and puts Wes in his place.

On the morning of the final a medic comes to the house. Tyler and Jen keep throwing up as they've been hit with a case of food poisoning. The medic recommends that Tyler goes home and not compete and Tyler said he can't go home and let down Johnny so he ignores the doctor recommendation.

The teams meet with TJ and he tells them the final challenge is no joke. To start of the final, all the teams have to hold a rope under water for as long as they can as their dragged underwater for 200 yards by a boat to their kayak boat where they have to swim to.

Once in the boat, the teams then have to paddle for three miles and that's just the start! After there's a footrace including check points and puzzles.

Paula and Evelyn fight their way to land.
Paula wants this win!
TJ said this is the hardest final thus far and the girls go up first for a head start before the boys. 

Evelyn & Paula take an early lead and paddle away with Laurel & Cara Maria on their back. Evelyn & Paula reach land first but Laurel & Cara Maria remain right behind them.

Jenn yells at her partner Mandi as they're in last place and can't seem to get in sync to paddle together fast enough to catch up to the other teams. Mandi even stops to paddle saying she has to scratch her nose. Like are you serious!?

The guys start shortly after the females and Johnny & Tyler take an early lead with the rookies Leroy & Mike in last place as they struggle a little with kayaking.

Which female and male team will win The Challenge Rivals? Well, you have to tune in next week to find out!

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