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Basketball Wives Reunion Part I Recap: Royce is Ballsy & Tami and Meeka Continue to Argue

Season 3 Basketball Wives Reunion
Hosted by former NBA player, John Salley yet again, the Basketball Wives reunion took place last night and boy are these grown women feisty towards one another.

The reunion brought back all the women on the show and Royce had a lot to say. She puts it out there that "The Circle's" time is up and that her time is now so the other ladies can't handle it. There is a lot of animosity between Royce, Jennifer and Evelyn.

Evelyn said little lies were building between her and Royce that sparked the fight earlier during the season.

"People who throw drinks can't throw hands," Royce said. Damn, burn! I never really cared for Royce on the show but now it seems like she has a set of balls.

John addresses the previous Tami and Evelyn t-shirt beef and the two ladies said they're really cool now. Evelyn also brought a couple of autographed "You're a non-mutha f*ckin factor b*tch" t-shirts for John and his wife.

John touches base about Jennifer's divorce and Eric's actions on the last episode. He says Jennifer had her big girl panties on this season by stepping up and taking action with her divorce.

"I feel like Eric will try to do anything to bring me back down and it's not going to work, I put that chapter behind me and I'm moving forward," Jennifer said.

John asked to hear the thoughts from some of the ladies about Eric's drink throwing:

"I really wasn't expecting  a man who at any given moment could take out a woman to react that way, that was a b*tch move for a man to have made," Tami said.

Evelyn said she feels like Eric is riding Jennifer's train right now to remain relevant. She says Eric talks so much crap about the show but still signs on to be on the show every time. John said Eric was asked to come to the reunion to explain his side but Eric didn't show up.

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Jennifer said she's talking to someone she's interested in at the moment  but doesn't want to put a label on their relationship just yet.

Royce then interjected and asked Jennifer if she is sleeping with him as the crowd goes "ooooh."

"I'm asking because apparently anyone I date I'm f*cking so I'm just asking because that came out of her mouth," Royce said about Jennifer.

Everytime Royce would speak, Jennifer and Evelyn had this thing to ignore her and say they don't hear anyone speaking, making it seem as if Royce's comments aren't relevant.

Suzie, the blabbermouth, said she hates drama, yeah right, and she found her way back into "The Circle." Suzie also told Meeka not to sue Tami and to just drop the lawsuit.

"I don't think that can ever be repaired, you do keep talking a lot," Suzie said to Meeka.

She continued to say to her, "that's all you do, you run your mouth, it's hard to get one word in with you."

Meeka addressed Suzie's comment and said Suzie is acting brand new. Meeka was accused by the ladies for hiring her own paparazzi.

Suzie said Meeka wants attention and that's the reason why she's suing Tami, for attention and Evelyn called Meeka thirsty saying Meeka pitched herself to be on the show. Evelyn said Meeka came on the show trying so hard.

"Nobody wanna be in yall circle. After seeing ya'll circle, a real basketball wife is about a lifestyle, it's about an unspoken bond," Meeka said.

"B*tch you are not in the circle, you are out!" Evelyn responded back to her.

Evelyn said the show is not all that bad and that all of the ladies have their own reasons as to why they sign up to do the show. Evelyn never thought that her dad would be on season 3 and is glad he was. She said it may inspire other people who don't talk to their father, to talk to their father now.

Towards the end, the reunion heats up as Meeka and Tami sound off. Tami tells Meeka to talk crap to people's faces and to be real.

"...You can ask me 20,000 times if I like you and the answer is still 'No'," Tami said to Meeka.

John goes further into Meeka and Tami butting heads during the season. Tami said when Meeka kept going behind her back on several occasions and kept lying, that lead up to Tami hitting Meeka at the end of their Italy trip.

Tami called Meeka: M.L.C "Meeka 'Lying' Claxton" and Meeka responded right back saying Tami is: T.H.R "Tami 'Hoodrat' Roman."

"I will keep it hood because at the end of the day I'm a real b*tch," Tami said.

Tami called Meeka thirsty and said Meeka came on the show f*cking with her on purpose to gain relevance.

John tries to figure out who the troublemaker is in the group. All of them! Shaunie is the only quiet one during the season and on the reunion.

Well, tune in next Monday, Aug. 22 at 8 p.m. to catch part 2 of the Basketball Wives reunion on VH1.