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La La's Topic of the Hour Recap: Everything 90's!

If you could bring anything back from the 90's what would it be?

Today's show on focused on everything from the 90's: music, televison shows, fashion, old news, games, etc.

Note: Kickin' it with La La will have a brand new time starting September 5th from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.!!

Throwback Thursdays: For the 80's Babies

Some major news events from the 90's:

1994 - O.J Simpson trial, described in U.S. media as "the trial as the century"

1995 - Oklahoma City Bombing

1997 - Princess Diana was killed in a car crash

1998 - Bill Clinton enters the scene

1999 - Columbine shooting

The 90's quiz I made up that was featured on the show: Do you know these answers?

1) What is Corey's girlfriend name on Boy Meets World?

2) The character 'Six' talked very fast in this early 90's sitcom?

3) This 1997 movie feature Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio?

4) This music video channel was big in the early 90's and allowed viewers the ability to dial a telephone number and enter a code to watch a music video, what is it?

5) This television show premiered in the late 90's and featured Sarah Michelle Gellar?

6) Name four shows that was featured on T.G.I.F and what did the stars of the network say 'T.G.I.F' stood for?

7) These throw back light up sneakers were very popular in the 90's?

8) Name all the main characters on Saved by the Bell.

9) This game was very popular in the early 90's and kids loved collecting them. It featured a piece called a slammer that flipped little discs over that were made up of thick plastic.

10) This game is played by having one person chase around other people and having a safe spot to run to called 'base'?

11) It seemed like every girl had a ka-billion of these digital pets on their key chains in middle school. You find out the sex of your pet, name it and take care of its health, what is this toy called?

12) Name the 1997 Spice Girl movie.

13) This bracelet had a plastic spring to curve around your wrist, what is it?

14) Name the song from this lone: "Now could it be I'm a little too friendly so to speak hypthothetically say..."

15) What was the name of the rap duo in the early 90's who wore their clothes inside out?

16) R.L Stine wrote this series of children's horror fiction novels that also turned into shows.

17) The character Harriet on Perfect Strangers was given her own spin off show named this...?which also became a huge family sitcom of the 90's.

18) Both of these popular boy bands originated in Orlando, Florida. Who are they?

Take this other 90's quiz: I got a 23 out of 30. Can you beat me? 90's TV Show Theme Song Quiz