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The Challenge Rivals: Game Changers & One Team Becomes the New Outcasts

House Drama
Last week, CT & Adam took a little power away from "The Mob" as they beat Evan & Nehemiah in the jungle.

This week, CT & Laurel continue to flirt as Johnny and Kenny look on in disappointment. Johnny calls Laurel's flirting with CT one of the biggest mistakes she can make.

"Everybody in the house is whispering in my ear and  telling me that I should not hang out with this person, it kind of makes me want to hang out with them more and it makes me want to figure out what it is everybody hates so much," Laurel said.

Well, she continues to talk to CT for now but later on figures out why everyone hates him so much as things take a turn.

Paula cozies up to Mike in a romantic bungalow.
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There are more hook-ups continue in the house as Paula ponders on whether she should bang Michael or not.

The rest of the boys try to help him "seal the deal" as they peek on Paula and Mike making out.

Jen continues to sleep in Adam's bed and Mandi continues hooking up with Wes.

This Weeks Callenge
This week was the last elimination round for the girls as the last three girl teams will head to the finals.

Being that Kenny & Wes won last weeks challenge, they chose to return the favor to Jen & Mandi this week by making them last in the line up. The ladies know the order for this week is very important and the rest of them bicker over who is going second to last.

Laurel tells Paula not to play a scared game and Johnny gets back on the fact that Laurel is digging a grave for herself by hooking up with CT. He says Paula also isn't fraternizing with the enemy, who would be CT.

Cara Maria decides to speak up and says, "Yeah, but she's not the only one," talkng about Jen hooking up with "the other enemy", CT's partner, Adam and thinks "the Mob" is letting it slide by. Laurel then starts to realize she's on the bottom of the alliance because of talking to CT.

Evelyn sprays Paula with a high powered fire hose.
The teams play "Sawed Off" where one member of each team got to spray their partner with a fire hose. 

Everyone got split up into two teams and Wes & Kenny's elimination order means nothing in this game as they got to pick their team instead.

Being that Cara Maria & Laurel won for the girls last week, they also got to choose their team. But Kenny & Wes gain the advantage in choosing which team goes first and they obviously choose to go last.

Wes & Kenny's team (Johnny & Tyler, Paula & Evelyn and Jonna & Jasmine) wind up winning the challenge as Laurel & Cara Maria DQ, automatically sending them into the jungle.

Evelyn & Paula win for the girls this week, gauranteeing them a spot in the final.

Later on, Cara Maria feels Jen & Mandi should get a taste of what the jungle feels like saying that Jen has cruised by in the game without seeing an elimination round. Laurel agrees saying it's better to take this team out now before the final. But Cara Maria's comments piss off Jen & Mandi which stirs up drama in the house during voting.

Laurel tries to get CT to vote towards Jen & Mandi but he actually goes against Laurel saying he doesn't trust her anymore since she blew him off earlier, in thinking Laurel is listening to her alliance. So CT does what he feels like is best for him and goes along with voting for Jonna & Jasmine to face Laurel & Cara Maria.

During voting, Jen & Mandi remain safe thanks to all their friends in the house leading the numbers to work out in their favor. 

We all know these challenges are all about politics: the friendships you make and how popular you are.

Jenn tries to fight with Cara Maria after she hears Cara talking about her relationship with Adam.
Later on at the club Cara Maria is still sour about the fact that Laurel's relationship with CT jeopardized their team and says to Johnny that Jen is sleeping with Adam. Jen overhears Cara Maria's statement and flips out.
"I'm gonna lay that f*cking b*tch out..I wanna pound that b*tches face in, I wanna murder her," an angry Jen screams out.

The next morning Jen says she hopes Cara Maria chokes in the jungle. Cara Maria calls her boyfriend Abram, another former challenger, and he calms her down.

Elimination Round
Almost everyone in the house wears the colors blue in supprt of the rookie team; Jonna & Jasmine in wanting them to send home Cara Maria & Laurel. It is clear that the majority of the house wants Cara Maria & Laurel to go home, even CT who has had a change of heart.

Laurel and Cara Maria face off against Jonna and Jasmine in the Jungle.The two teams play "Blast Off" which is pretty much a shoving much between the girls. 

Well the support of almost the entire house couldn't save Jonna & Jasmine as they got swept in all three rounds (not surprising) and sent home.

Now Cara Maria & Laurel join Evelyn & Paula and Jen & Mandi in the finals.

At the end of the show, everyone gets back to the house from the jungle and receive a clue from TJ saying they're leaving Costa Rico and their next challenge is in Buenas Aires, Argentina.

Next week is the last male elimination to see who will be joining the females in the final.

How do you think next week will play out: Will Adam & CT pull off another win to keep them out of the jungle? Or will "The Mob" continue to have power over everyone in the house to make it to the final?

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