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Basketball Wives: Evelyn, Chad & Shaniece Are Like the Perfect Little Family, Jennifer is Over Royce and On a New Man

The ladies are back in Miami from their Italy trip where they left on a drama filled note. Tami informs Royce about the vacation she missed since Royce wasn't invited. Tami tells her about the fight between her and Meeka on last weeks episode and Royce high-five's her.

Tami says, "I think Meeka is a backstabbing, lying, shady a** b*tch."

"Like they say you can take the girl out the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out the girl," Royce said about Tami.

Royce meets up with Jennifer's soon to be ex-husband, Eric, to discuss business knowing it may cause further tension between her and Jennifer. Royce even tells Eric about the Twitter drama between her and Jennifer.

Royce says business is business but later on feels the need to meet up with Jennifer.

Royce said the talk with Jennifer that she plans to have is out of respect to tell her about Eric's business deal.

Before she has the chance to do that, blabber mouth Suzie hangs out with Jennifer and tells her about Royce's meeting first. Jennifer has different feelings about Royce and Eric's meeting and said Royce should have talked to her first before she even saw Eric.

During the end of the show, Royce plans on meeting up with Jennifer and Suzie but before Royce even gets there Jennifer dips off.

"I'm leaving before her a** gets here because honestly I think it's a lost cause...I'm just over Royce," Jennifer tells Suzie.

So then Royce shows up, after Jennifer's departure, and seems pissed that Jennifer didn't even give her the time of day.

Soon to be single Jennifer says she doesn't even know how to date in today's technological world. Star Jones' ex-husband, Al Reynolds introduces Jennifer to a new guy, William, whom Jennifer later goes out on a date with.

Jennifer dresses up in heels and a cute little dress for her date and calls him eye candy. The two just can't stop smiling at each other and Jennifer invites William to her divorce party, which she plans on having to celebrate her freedom.

Evelyn's daughter, Shaniece, graduates from high school. Shaniece gets a little emotional that her father nor step-father, Evelyn's ex-fiance, Antoine Walker, didn't attend her graduation.

After her graduation, the family has a dinner and Shaniece says to Chad Ochocino, "I guess third engagement ring is a charm."

Chad looked in shock afterwards not knowing that Evelyn was previosuly engaged to her former fiance twice.

He says he makes a great addition to the family and Evelyn is ready to follow Chad to wherever he travels in the near future.

Later on, Chad surprises Evelyn and takes her on a romantic beach date. They're so cute together.

Evelyn opens up to Chad and said the constant chatter and gossip of people talking about her and Chad's relationship is starting to get to her.

"It's not easy having a relationship that is so public where people are judging you all the time," Evelyn said.

Chad makes a joke and says he's trying to be the number one most hated athlete of all time but Lebron James is outdoing him, so he's trying to figure out a way to outdo him, lol.

Well, on next weeks Basketball Wives Jennifer looks like she's moving one step closer with her new eye candy and she also meets with her soon to be ex, Eric.

I can't believe Eric throws a martini drink in her face on the next episode! What a b*tch move! Watch the clip below:


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