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Jersey Shore: Ronnie and Sammi Drama Yet Again, Deena Still Crushes Over Pauly and Mike Wants Snooki

The roommates enjoy their first Sunday dinner in Italy.
So this weeks show picks back up with the roomies at the club. Deena and Pauly share that disgusting looking kiss. Deena has a game plan to hook up and cuddle with Pauly to ultimately get to his "Italian sausage", as she says. Pauly just wants to have sex with no sex strings attached but is worried that Deena may catch feelings.

Pauly D and Deena shock their roommates when they start making out at the club.Deena shows up by Pauly's bed after the club, she wants to smush him but Pauly plays like he's sleeping, he wasn't, I guess Pauly didn't want to smush Deena yet.

Ronnie calls a friend named Hannah, he says she helped him when he was going through a lot of crap with Sammi.

He asks his "friend" to come to Italy. Big mistake if she comes because Sammi would be pissed, even though they're aren't together.

The next morning Sammi comes up with an idea for her and Deena to cook Sunday dinner for everybody. It is nice that all the girls are getting along so far in this season but maybe they should leave the cooking to the guys.

Deena and Sammi look clueless in the kitchen. They leave to go food shopping but before they go back home they decide to get something to eat. When they get back to the house the boys are in the kitchen starting the Sunday dinner, the meal is probably better off that way, lol.

Snooki calls her boyfriend Jionni up and he gives her crap over the phone saying he doesn't understand how she can go an entire day without talking to him. And who is right there to make Snooki feel better...Mike of course! He continues to be a creeper towards Snooki.

The Situation watches as Snooki fights with her boyfriend over the phone."If Jionni can't make Snooki happy, The Situation is happy to step up to the plate and hit a homerun," Mike said.

The roomies find out their new job in Italy will be working in a pizzeria and they head out for orientation on their first day of work.

While back at the club later, Ronnie gets sloppy drunk and starts braging about the number of girls he slept with. Vinny tells Ronnie that he's single so he can do that.

The problem is, Sammi is close by and hears what Ronnie said. She's been peeping at him the whole night and Ronnie starts giving Sammi an attitude and she starts to cry. Here we go again.

Deena tries to break up an argument between Sammi and Ronnie."I don't care if you're drunk or not, I don't want to deal with you two fighting," Vinny tells Ronnie and pulls him away from Sammi.

"When Ronnie and Sammi get drunk they turn into different people, there's no getting through to them," Vinny said.

Sammi said she still has feeling for Ronnie and that it's hard to live with an ex and she's trying to deal with it.

Mike "The Snitch-uation" as he was called before, stirs up some gossip and starts talking about Ronnie. He tells on Ronnie and says he was drunk last night and that he was going to bring five girls home.

"Mike always has to cross that line, we had squashed the beef but Mike always tries to start problems," Vinny said.

Mike meets a blondie in the club and brings her back to the house to the smush room. Snooki notices her and says she's ugly. Snooki then asks Vinny if she's prettier than Mike's girl. Vinny calls her out and asks if she likes Mike.

Later after Mike's date leaves, Snooki tells him that he can do better. Mike says he cares for Snooki more than a friend and has grown to love her as a person. Snooki tells him that she looks out for him as a friend. Mike begs to differ and says there is a little something there between the two...we'll see.

Mike later on gets in Deena's bed and asks her to cuddle, but she says her and Mike aren't like that and she plays him out. Deena tells the rest of the roommates the next day and Pauly puts her on blast infront of Mike. Mike denies it and says he didn't want to snuggle with her and says, "well I didn't want to... just so you know."

Well back to the club the roomies go. Sammi approaches Ronnie and says she wants to talk. But Ronnie shuts her down saying he's not talking about their relationship while she's drunk. She continues to chase after Ronnie and says she wants to be friends. She looks pathetic. What happened to what she said on the premiere, no crying!

Sammi tells Ronnie that she's still in love with him.
"I do have feelings so why not act on them," Sammi said.

She later on whispers to Ronnie and says she loves and misses him. She also tells Ronnie she wants to cuddle with him in the bed.

"I know the way she feels and I kind of still have feelings for her too.  I still do love her but I just go back to Jersey and I'm just like f*ck me in the a** with a spike bat, I rather not do that," Ronni said and he goes to his own bed.

Deena takes a tumble after a night out at the club.How many times did Deena fall during this episode? Lol. She's terrible when she's drunk while trying to walk in heels.

And how funny are Pauly and Vinny with their "She's too young for you bro!" I thought that was hilarious.

Pauly says there are a lot of young chicks in Italy so him and Vinny start up jokes:

"If she got a basket on her bicycle she's too young for you man."

"If she still got the parental controls on her TV in her bedroom, she's too young for you bro."

"If she only owns Snow White on DVD, she's too young for you man."

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