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Jay-Z & Kanye West "Otis" Video

I love this song and the screaming at the end, the video is ok. Let me know what you think.

"Watch the Throne" Album


  1. These two are masterminds of our time, Kanye holds up the illumanati referring to Nikola Telsa (higher Power). listen closely "cant you see we're getting money up under you?" they are living underground in advanced technology much more superior than the surface.They scream at the end to symbolize the screaming thats going to take place in 2012 the apocolypse. Underground and spacecraft is your best bet of survival.

  2. "The Asylum can be purchased" (Asylum:Space craft)....O_o "Cant you see the private planes flying over you" LISTEN TO THEM THEY ARENT JUST TALKING DUMMIES!!! For those less fortunate who have zero knowledge of this outcome "Please lord let them (YOU) accept the things they cant change, and let all of their pain be champagne" Meaning as the apocolypse destroy lives let them drink one less time as their awaking lives comes to an end.


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