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La La Topic of the Hour Recap: Server Rants


From the movie Waiting
The topic of the hour on Kickin' it with La La today was about "Server Rants."

I think everyone should serve at least once to better understand the tipping and watch the movie "Waiting."

As an ex server, I still feel the pain from that job and so I reached out to other servers so they can share their serving rants along with me.

"My biggest rant involves being called "Shaneeqwa" by a disrespectful guest when my name is Josclyn. I hated the fact that the "guest" had all the power. If the shame person was a "guest" in my home he would have gotten mollywhomped with a side of I'm gon whoop dat a**!!!" - Josclyn

"Well u kno tipping bad is the biggest from everyone. But when ppl have coupons or get stuffed comped off checks n than tip u off on the discounted price lol. That annoys the sh*t out of me. Or when they tell u ur the best server n hand tip u only a few bucks like they're doin u a favor lol. Like here keep the change n its 2 frigged dollars.." - Marisa

"People who dont look at you when they order! Look at me and order your drink! Is ur menu or table or cell phone gonna bring you a coke?? STFU and look at me when ur ordering and say thank you !" - Megan

"Like things that used to piss me off? Probably black people that ran you all over the restaurant all night and barely leave a tip. Extra cheese please? A million refills. Complaining their food was not cooked the way they asked. Or Indian people that would go to the Outback Steakhouse and ask for a vegetarian menu. People who come in and order salads and sit at the table for the rest of the night so you cant turn it or make any money." - Spring

"This is a good one. Lol. I was serving one night and a family came in, parents and two children. They were reallyyyyy rude, every time i went to the table to ask them if they wanted another drink they wouldnt answer me or just mumbled. They just looked like miserable people. So after they ate, they asked for the check, payed and left. When i went to go clean their table. There was throw up all over it and in one of the plates. One of the children had thrown up just as they were leaving, the parents didnt even tell me. They just hurried out of there. I was stuck cleaning it which was DISGUStING, lol. and not to mention they left me $2 on a $51 check." - Tara