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Pretty Little Liars: Jason is Hiding Something in His Shed, Him and Aria Start Connecting and Hanna Says the 'L' Word

This weeks episode starts off with a steamy scene between Aria and Ezra making out in bed. But then Ezra is replaced with Jason and him and Aria start making out, then Aria wakes up and it's all a dream. Aria keeps having these recurring dreams about Jason.

She tells Emily her dreams and Emily says, "how could you?" Yea Aria, like hello, dream about Ezra. But Aria says she doesn't have Ezra all the way yet and that she expected things to get easier since Ezra stopped teaching at her school.

Emily said when people show up in your dreams it means that you want something from them but Aria says she doesn't want anything from Jason.

Emily is now out of the hospital after last weeks steroid cream poisining from 'A'. While staying at Hanna's, she throws a girls night with Samara and other girls. Emily receives a text from 'A' about one of the girls that reads, "If Zoey leaves without your digits, your lab results go viral. -A"

Emily was tested for growth hormones in last weeks episode from the poison she took accidently. Now she's paranoid with the thought of her lab results possibly getting leaked which can destroy her future in swimming.

Well Emily abide's by 'A's text message and gives Zoey her number and another girl see's. This may cause future trouble between Emily and Samara. Samara gets jealous in thinking that Emily is hitting on her friends and says she can't be with Emily anymore. 'A' wins once again.

The girls worry about Jenna being tested for a prosthetic cornea transplant to see if the doctors can fix the damaged part of Jenna's eyes. The girls are worried that if Jenna can see again things may get worse.

"Jenna is scary enough with four senses can you imagine what she'll do to us if she has five?" Hanna said.

Hanna is sad when Caleb tells her he's going to California to visit his mom to work things out. He says he'll come back for her and they share a tearful goodbye and they both say they love each other! Aww.

Spencer notices Jason outside of his house being overprotective with a gardner when the gardner tries to enter his shed. Jason locks the door and hides the key on top of the door ledge. Spencer see's where the key is hidden and we already know what she's thinking. 

Aria's parents try talking to her brother Mike and about his recent mischief behavior but Mike starts to shut everybody out. What is going on with him?

Later on, Spencer brings Emily along to break into Jason's shed and when they go into his dark room  they see pictures of Aria hanging everywhere. They also find surveillance camera equipment and say Jason has been spying on people.

The girls quickly run out of the shed when Jason comes home and Emily drops her flashlight as they run out. Jason see's the flashlight and now knows someone has been in his shed.

Jason runs into Aria and says he brought a padlock for his shed because someone broke in. Garrett and Jenna spy on them from down the street in his car and Garret tells Jenna that it looks like Jason and Aria are friends now.
Jenna says, "If those two hook up and she starts asking him about that night and he remembers..."

She then asks Garrett what they are doing and says soon she will be able to see for herself.

Jason tells Aria that he cares about her and kisses her in the street. And yes the kiss is for real this time. She stops Jason, says she's not available and runs off.

Spencer and Emily think Jason took the pictures of Aria while she was sleeping. So they later go back to his shed to take one to prove it to Aria but the shed is cleaned out.

At the end of the episode, someone, most likely 'A', is shown in black gloves developing a black and white photo of Emily and Spencer holding up flashlights and breaking in Jason's shed.

Well there are only two more episodes left until the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars. Do you think we'll find out who 'A' is this season?