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The Challenge Rivals: Viva Argentina! Shocking Twists in the Last Male Elimination Round

House Drama
The show starts off with the house celebrating the fact that they're going to Buenas Aires, Argentina. The three teams left for the ladies are an automatic go for the finals but one of the male teams will be eliminated after this weeks challenge.

Mike freaks out at the guys when they bombard him with cookies.
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The roommates party it up and afterwards Johnny and Tyler piss of Mike to a point where he's screaming at the top of his lungs for them to stop throwing cookies at him.

"Now I know what they mean when they say someone's gone postal," Johnny said.

Laurel and CT make up after last week when CT wore a blue t-shirt in support of the rookies, Jasmine and Jonna.

Paula jokingly says there is a breaking point when everyone in the house goes mental; Tyler loses all of his clothes and is laid out naked on the floor, mattresses are getting thrown around and then Wes messes up all the fun when he pours a 2 liter bottle of coke on Cara Maria.

Wes says Cara Maria is annoying, fake and immature; his reasons for pouring soda on her. He then continues to pick on Cara Maria when he goes in her room and says noone likes Cara Maria leaving her to cry.

Cara Maria can't stand being in a house with evil people anymore.Laurel sticks up for her partner and yells at Wes and also Paula who is laughing and backing up Wes. Paula says what Wes did to Cara Maria is called loyalty.

Paula has a big set of balls standing up for Wes until Laurel comes down on her and makes her cry calling her a reject of a life.

"Cry your f*cking heart out you aneroxic b*tch, you are worthless," Laurel finished saying to Paula.

Paula lets the comments get to her and doesn't understand why Laurel has so much anger and hatred in her to say something like that.

This Weeks Challenge
The last challenge before the finals next week!

The teams play "Bombs Away" in which one person from one team was strapped below a helicopter and the other teammate had to climb a rope and release them, dropping both teammates into the water.

Evelyn & Paula win the challenge for the ladies and receive the $2,000 prize. The rookies, Leroy & Mike know they need to pull off a win for the guys or as rookies they are most likely going in the jungle.

CT struggles with climbing the rope and releasing Adam.Leroy climbs up the rope in like ten seconds murdering the challenge for the guys and sending him and Mike straight to the finals.

Surprisingly, CT & Adam get a DQ when CT has a hard time climbing the rope and falls into the water before releasing Adam. This DQ sends CT & Adam straight into the Jungle.

"We knew at one point CT & Adam were going to screw up really big, we just didn't know it would be on the final challenge," Johnny said.

Things take a turn when "The Mob" have to turn on each other. It comes down to choosing Kenny & Wes or Johnny & Tyler to send into the Jungle.

TJ changes things up when he tells the teams that instead of going back to the house to deliberate who is going into the Jungle, he puts each team on the spot to choose between Wes & Kenny or Johnny & Tyler to face CT & Adam.

After voting, Johnny & Tyler are the chosen ones as Wes & Kenny become safe and advance to the finals.

Tyler has a hard time facing the fact that he has to compete against CT, yet again, remembering the beast CT from when he made a special appearance in last seasons challenge, Cutthroat for the elimination round.

Leroy calls Tyler out for being afraid to face CT in the jungle.
Tyler starts going around the house and putting the blame on everyone who voted against him, including his friend Paula.

Whether Tyler likes it or not, all the b*tching and complaining can't do anything now. Leroy calls him out on his complaining and tells Tyler he's scared.

CT finds it hilarious that the alliance had to vote against themselves and that the guys are scared to face him.

Later on,"The Mob" start talking about how Adam has changed. "The Mob" feels as if Adam has too much confidence with CT as his partner and with hooking up with Jen. Wes figure's out that they need to break Adam down mentally and treat him like an enemy to get into his head before the Jungle.

When everyone goes out to the club later, "The Mob" takes it upon themselves to gang up on Adam to mess with his head.

Adam's one time friends, Johnny and Kenny turn on him and CT steps in to defend his partner.
CT isn't stupid and see's right away what these guys are trying to do so he steps in to defend his partner because he doesn't want Adam losing any confidence.

The old big, bad CT comes out and he steps up to Johnny and starts yelling in his face.

The show ends with CT screaming, "Get off of me, all of you!"

MTV does us so wrong with ending the show before the elimination round. I'm yelling "aww c'mon" at the T.V as I don't want it to end there. 

So we don't see which team advances to the final this week but I can tell you this... I heard the last elimination round is the toughest Jungle thus far.

Last Weeks Recap: Game Changers & One Team Becomes the New Outcasts

Can't wait until next week to see if Johnny & Tyler can pull off a win against CT & Adam?

((SPOILER ALERT)) Click HERE to see a video of how the eliminations plays out and to see who goes home first: CT & Adam? Or Johnny & Tyler? The end of the video shows which male and female team wins the Jungle.

Special: Rivals After Show

Once again, former Real World castmate and challenger himself, Mike "The Miz", who is now a WWE wrestler, hosted another After Show. This weeks After Show featured; CT, Wes, Mike, Paula, Laurel and Cara Maria.

Wes explains his hatred towards Cara Maria and admits his actions were super immature and Wes apologizes to her.

One person who does not apologize right away is Laurel. She comes out defending her and CT saying they're not bullies. Laurel says Paula played the victim card and egged her on. Paula comes out later and apologized for bullying Cara Maria.

Then, Paula and Laurel delt with their issues face to face. Laurel said Paula did not take responsibilty for her part in the argument and said her and Wes did the same thing to Cara Maria. Laurel tries to apologize to Paula but Paula is not having it.

Paula is still pissed at Laurel and says to her, "You're not sorry. So vapor, shut the f*ck up and stick it up your a**." 

Mike and Paula give in to their wild side at the toga party.

Mike comes out last and talks about his budding "romance" with Paula and also about his hookup with the blow up doll that he calls Paula 2.0, lol.

Who do you think wins the whole thing in the end?