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Single Ladies Season Finale: Val Has One Too Many Proposals, Keisha Gets Played & April and Darryl Come to an Agreement

Christina's internship comes to an end at Val's boutique and Val offers her a job. She tells Val that her love life is a mess and that relationships aren't that hard, Christina says you find someone special and hold on to them.

The girls think Val made the wrong decision letting Jerry go but Val wants a ring. Val then realizes she made a stupid mistake.

Reed signed with a whole new lable in last weeks show which disappointed April. She later quits her job at the record company because she can't take her bosses sh*t anymore.

Reed shows up at April's place later and tells her he got her a job with his new record company. April tells Reed that he may be someone she'll fall for and they makeup.

Now April has to worry about Darryl taking her trust fund.

Derrick, Omar's boyfriend and roommate stops by Val's shop to apologize to Omar and Val dumps Derrick for him.

"Thanks Val, thanks for ruining my relationship just like you ruin yours," Omar said.

Later on, Derrick shows back up at the shop when it's closed with dinner and candles and apologizes for taking advantage of Omar. 

Things seem to be going well for Keisha, she sells her first house and her relationship with Malcolm is going well...for now.

The ladies go to a party later and do a little gambling and all of a sudden Val runs into Jerry there.

Jerry says he is finding it very difficult to accept losing Val.

Val tells Jerry that she would like to try the relationship Jerry's way without marriage. She admits she's making a huge sacrifice but it's worth it because Jerry makes her happy.

It is so obvious in Val's face she isn't sure with her deicison and Jerry realizes she won't be completely happy without kids and a marriage. 

He says Val will eventually resent him in time by not getting the things she wants and declines her offer to be together, now he's the one that says goodbye.

After Malcolm is M.I.A at the party Keisha gets worried and leaves to go back to his place. When she walks in she see's the FBI in Malcom's house and we see Rick Fox again who Keisha thought was Winston but he's really an Agent.

The FBI is investigating Malcom's jewelry business. They say Malcolm is missing and the last they saw of him was with his ex wife. Keisha finds out that Malcolm pays for all his ex-wife expenses and not because of what Malcolm told Keisha, how he owes her, but because he filed for divorce on adultery. Keisha finds out that Malcom's ex-wife was the only person that broke his heart.

Keisha got played! And Malcolm disappeared on her without a word.

Val gets a phone call at the party and it's from Quinn! She meets up with him later on for dinner as he wants to thank her for not being traded and says it was fate that Val took his call. Val tells him that her and Jerry broke up.

"Sometimes in order to go forward you have to look back," Quinn advises Val. He is still trying to get her.

At the end of the season finale: April goes to court to face Darryl. She see's Darryl before they go to the courtroom and they both come to an agreement to fire their lawyers and April says she'll give him half of her money.

Darryl then tells her to keep her money, it was never about that, he just wanted April to be truly sorry for what she did to him and now he believes she is.

Val winds up in bed with Quinn and wakes up in shock to see him next to her as to no clue how they ended up in the bed naked together. Well with all the bottles of champagne she was drinking during her and Quinn's dinner, there's no shock as to why she slept with him. 

Quinn tells Val that she is the one and asks Val to marry her and before she can answer there's a knock on the door and I'm like yes! I felt like she was about to settle for Quinn's proposal because marriage is something Val wants. 

When she opens the door Jerry is there! He came to his senses and says Val is the one and he proposes to her at the door. Wow!

Val went from losing both of these men to both of them proposing to her.

Just as she is about to say "yes" to Jerry's proposal, a half naked Quinn walks up and says, "Who is it baby?"

Ohhhh totally not good! Jerry gets up and walks away in disbelief that Quinn is there and the season finale comes to an end! Nooo, come back Jerry!

I guess all three ladies will truly be "Single Ladies" now.

What did you think of this season of Single Ladies?

So many questions are left: Will Val lose out on both men? Will she get Jerry back? Will April and Reed become more serious? Since Darryl forgives April will he have a change of heart and want her back? And will Keisha help the FBI find out where Malcolm is since she got betrayed?

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  1. wow, what a great season finale….this show started off pretty iffy, but it’s gotten better every week – can’t wait to see how they resolve everything next season.

    Also, I thought it was totally awesome that they used three songs by Oona (“I Wanna Know You,” Trouble,” and “Remote Control” w Jet Stream)…I just discovered her but love her so much already, she’s like an electropop (and hopefully sober) version of Amy Winehouse

  2. Yes the show has picked up and I'm actually hooked on it now. I have to check out Oona.

  3. please who knows what track is playing in the scene where jerry dumps val? its haunting me that i cant track the song anywhere!!!

    1. The Japanese Popstars - Shells Of Silver


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