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Basketball Wives Season Finale: Jennifer Celebrates Her Divorce Party and a Meeting With Her Ex Goes Wrong & Evelyn Catches Chad With Another Chick

The season finale of Basketball Wives starts off with Royce showing up to talk to Jennifer. But when she arrives Suzie tells her that Jennifer made an early exit because she didn't want to talk to Royce. Royce makes it clear that she's done with Jennifer and Evelyn.

"A lot would have to change for me to be able to sit with these women and have a cordial conversation. I'm sick of their bitter a** circle and their miserable a** lives," Royce said.

Note: There is no Meeka during the season finale but we will see her on the reunion.

Shaunie signs a shoe deal and says she doesn't ever want to be in a situation again where she has to depend on somebody else.

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Evelyn notices Chad sitting outside of his favorite restaurant with a female and confronts him. She wants Chad to cut off all his previous hook-ups and friends he slept with since he's engaged now.

But Chad feels like when a man cuts off all his friends that's when they sneak around and for Evelyn to say he can't associate with certain people presents a problem for him.

Evelyn blows up but Chad winds up apologizing and says he wants to have sex. Next thing you know they're laughing together.

Eric is shown talking to a business associate of his about Jennifer and says she has the dream team of divorce lawyers in New Jersey.

"Give me my last name back, get this sh*t done and be on your way, don't have me lingering," Eric says about his divorce with Jennifer that has been going on for over a year now.

Eric tells his partner he made Jennifer relevant. He says he's the reason why Jennifer has her new lip gloss line and he is also says he's the reason why she is on television. Jennifer was the only wife on the show in past seasons of Basketball Wives.

Later on, Jennifer gets ready for her divorce party and celebrates her freedom. She plans to hook up with a hot guy and even shows Evelyn her condoms as backup as Jennifer later on gets buzzed at her party.

Her divorce cake is so funny. It is a layered looking wedding cake with a figure of her standing on top of the cake holding Eric's chopped off head with blood running down the cake.

A pinata of a mini Eric comes out and Jennifer beats the crap out of it. Candy, condoms and lube fall out of it.

"My divorce party was a perfect way to end the whole chapter with Eric," Jennifer said.

Jennifer's date, Will, shows up to her divorce party and her friends peak in on the two making out.

Jennifer has fun at her divorce party but she doesn't have fun when she meets up with her ex, Eric so she can put the final nail in the coffin and move on.

She says her attorney sent Eric a letter and he hasn't responded so she wants to know his deal.

Things start off pleasant when the two meet and then take a turn for the worse when they start talking about each others mothers.

Jennifer said Eric's mother was disrespectful and he needs to check her. Eric also denies getting a letter from Jennifer's attorney. Jennifer says Eric sends her text messages saying he's still in love with her, but he says not recently. The two bicker back and forth for awhile.

"You'll be 40 in three years, you're nothing," Eric said to Jennifer.

"When I turn 40 I'll still be a bad b*tch so what's your point," Jennifer said.

She gets pissed when Eric said she doesn't know herself. Jennifer tells Eric that he's mad because she advanced and he didn't.

Eric's bump on his forhead starts to look bigger and the veins in his neck are popping out. He gets up from the table and as he walks away Jennifer flings a drink at him but Eric doesn't let that one slide. He walks right back up to Jennifer and throws a drink in a martini glass straight in her face.

Oh no! Jennifer has her hair and makeup messed up now. Even though Jennifer threw a drink first, it wasn't directly in his face and I think that is a real b*tch move for a guy to do, like c'mon now! And Eric threw the drink with so much force. It seemed as if he really wanted to smush the glass in Jennifer's face.

"I'm completely in shock, I can't believe this motherf*cker did that, I don't even know if I can speak to him again..." Jennifer said after getting splashed.

Well next Monday is part 1 of the two-part Basketball Wives finale lets get ready to rumble!

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