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America's Next Top Model: Makeover Day Has Come! Smiles and Meltdowns

ANTM All-Stars
Episode 2: This weeks show was all about the models BRANDING THEIR CELEBRITY

The show starts off this week with the ladies saying this season has the best prizes. Alexandria re-examined last weeks challenge and said a lot of people love her despite the hate she received from some fans and Sheena feels like she deserves to win because it's hard for Asian models and an Asian hasn't won America's Next Top Model.

Tyra visits the ladies at their house and tells them they were chosen because the fans like them and they stood out in their season. 

Tyra brings brand strategist, Martin Lindstrom to the house who shares a poll with the ladies that was taken by the fans. He says in the business of branding they work with one word, so fans were asked which word describes each of the ladies.

Some of the ladies aren't too happy with the word chosen for them. Shannon gets "trustworthy" as Martin said some of the fans think she is a boring brand because she is a little more reserved compared to the rest of the girls.

"What do you expect, you're boring b*tch," Angelea said.

Kayla gets offended when Martin tells her that being lesbian is not unique and he tells Kayla her word is "free." Angelea finds out that people branded her as cheap shoes and her word became "persistence"

Alexandria's word was "tough" as it was told her fans think she's annoying. I don't understand if fans dislike her so much then why is she a fan favorite on all-stars this season? Just a thought.

Bianca acts on her word "candid" saying she now feels like she has permission to not hold back. Drama stirs up in the house when Bianca thinks Camille and Dominique are talking bad about her. Time to get LOUD!

Recording artist Ashlee Simpson, this weeks guest judge, shows up at the girls photo shoot to talk about branding But before the photo shoots the ladies get makeovers so they can stand out and embody their brand.

Some of the makeovers get some of the girls emotional. Bre has a break down over her short cut and shaved sides. She contemplates on going home after her hair is cut but then calms down and decides to stay.

Alexandria revamped
Some of my favorite makeovers: Laura, Lisa, Bianca, Angelea and Alexandria who now reminds me of Cameron Diaz with her short cut.
During the photo shoot the ladies had to create their own famous Pink's hotdog, known as the hotdog to the stars, to represent them and their brand.

On set the ladies had to pose while eating the hotdog while embodying their word. The winner gets to have their photo on Pink's website.

Jay said Bre's photo shoot became soft and week, did her haircut effect her photo shoot?

Well it was obvious who the bottom picks were this week, especially when the camera cut to certain ladies after the judging. Sheena, because her photo wasn't all that, Nigel even said her photo was uninspiring; Bre, even though she had a good photo, her whole attitude changed after her haircut; and Kayla who didn't agree with her word "free" and didn't fully understand how to portray that in her photo. And Camille, the judges said she was more pageantry this week.

Nigel also got a makeover at judging, from Tyra! She cut his hair and he looks like the old Nigel again.

"Ashlee Simpson" -- During a challenge and photo shoot about branding, the women must create a new hot dog for the world-famous Pink's restaurant on America's Next Top Model on The CW. Pictured: Lisa Cycle 17 Photo: Ricky Middlesworth/Pottle Productions Inc ©2011 Pottle Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Lisa's winning photo this week
Top photo this week goes to Lisa, well deserved and Bianca was the runner up for best photo. 

The bottom two girls chosen this week were Sheena and Kayla, no surprise here. Tyra said Sheena is a stunning girl but it is not reflecting in her photos.

Tyra also said the judges feel like the strong Kayla is lost but she got another shot and it was Sheena who got cut loose this week.

Side Note! Tyra is releasing her first book entitled Modelland. Sneak peak: HERE

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