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Bad Girls Club: Drinks Fly Everywhere and Two of the Bad Girls Get Arrested

Episode 7: Cat Scratch Fever

This week on the Bad Girls Club picks right back up with the girls in the limo. Shelly throws a drink in Judi's face, then this prompts Angelic to join in and she throws a drink at Judi but also splashes Nastasia. Nastasia starts yelling at Angelic and all hell breaks loose in the limo as it becomes a war of drink throwing.

Wasn't Shelly pissed when Nastasia threw a drink on her in the restaurant a couple weeks back? So why would she throw one at Judi? And why did Angelic have to throw one at Judi? Well, Angelic definitely claimed her side now.

Security breaks the fight up. Once the girls step out of the limo the arguing continues when Angelic yells out to Nastasia that she's a fake a** b*tch.

Nastasia runs over to Angelic but gets scooped up by security then it becomes a shouting match.

Next thing you know, cops come rushing over to the limo to get Angelic, Shelly steps in the way like she's Angelic protector and tells the cops not to touch her, this causes the cops to rough up Shelly a little. They put her down on the sidewalk and put cuffs on her. Shelly starts crying that she's been man handled and her and Angelic get placed in the back of a cop car and arrested for disturbing the peace and public drunkenness.

Angela thinks the other girls got upset because she wasn't hanging out with them in the club. But Nastasia and Tiara said they got mad because the drinks thrown got spilled on them.  

Nastasia, Tiara and Judi return to the house first and Nastasia goes to Angelic and Shelly's beds and turn their mattresses over.

"I don't give a damn how Angie and Shelly react because I want them to come say something to me to give me a reason to pop one of them," Nastasia said.

She also punches the others cliques photos out their frame and then they head off to a hotel for the night.

Priscella and Tasha return home afterwards and notice their pictures have been knocked out. "They're gonna knock my picture over like a real jerkoff, scumbag, low life, scumbag loser. B*tch you better be afraid of my a**, I'm ready," Priscilla says and she hangs her cliques pictures back up.

The next morning Shelly and Angela get out of prison and declare a world war on the other clique. Nastasia, Judi, and Tiara come back to the house from the hotel. Nastasia now notices that their pictures are gone and decides to rip up the other cliques pictures so they can't hang them back up. So nobody has pictures hanging up anymore, there are just seven empty frames.

Shortly after, Shelly and Angelic return and see the ripped pictures scattered outside. They waste no time yelling after they notice their beds are messed up. Angelic walks around looking for the other girls and Tiara steps out to face her and the two come to blows.

Angelic is a little feisty one! But Tiara handled hers and got her punches in. Well lines have been crossed and it's clear that Nastasia and Tiara aren't friends with Angelic anymore.

Angelic views "Team Nastasia" as fake and she switches to "Team Shelly" now, which is what Shelly and her team wanted.

"I'm not surprised that Angie has switched sides, she's where she belongs now," Nastasia said.
Priscella, Angelic and Tasha decide to get out the house and away from the negative vibes and they go to a lingerie store and try on clothes. After strutting around in the lingerie, they get asked to participate in a fashion show for fashion week in New Orleans.

Back at the house, Judi finds a roach and puts it in Priscella's bed. That is so gross Judi.

Judi says, "she's so lame and wack, I'm sick of her..."

Priscilla finds the roach in her bed later on and freaks out. Of course Judi denies putting it there when Priscilla asks her. Judi says Priscilla is the easy one and now she has a mission to get Priscilla out of the house.
At the fashion show, Priscilla, Tasha and Angelic walk the catwalk while the other clique watches and hopes they fall. "Team Nastasia" sits there along with Shelly towards the front of the stage and they give their little fake claps as the other bad girls model but they're really hating inside.

In the limo after the fashion show, "Team Shelly" is excited and "Team Nastasia" is sitting quite with nothing to say and they just have these pissed off looks.

The girls go to a restaurant afterwards and Tiara stays in the limo because she's super mad. Nastasia and Judi decide to go in the restaurant but they distance themselves from the other girls. It seems like "Team Nastasia" is letting the other girls ruin their fun.

The next day, Tiara is still on her and Angelic's fight and is still pissed that Angelic touched her.

And Angelic says, "When you get into an altercation with someone you can't be friends after that."

Petty things start happening around the house after that. Nastasia claims that one of her dresses is missing and says she's going to retaliate on "Team Shelly" since noone confessed to taking the dress.

While Nastasia and her crew are out, Priscilla and Angelic see a pot with hard boiled eggs that Nastasia left there and they decide to hide the eggs in other girls room which is going to stink. When Nastasia and her crew return to the house she realizes her boiled eggs are missing. Now Nastasia is even more pissed that her stuff was touched yet again. Judi goes to her room and finds an egg in her bed cover, tells Nastasia and now they know Priscella is messing with them.

At the end of the episode, all of the ladies head out to a male strip club. Hostility is in the air between the two cliques and Angelic says she needs to have a straitjacket on to tame her from the other girls.
Angelic puts makeup over her scratch

Well, Tiara hears her comment, gets up, walks over to Angelic and tells her she doesn't need one. Oh boy, here we go again, round 2!

Tiara tells Angelic to hit her. Tiara throws the first punch and they fight again! It's pretty clear these two won't be making up anytime soon.

"You don't need a straitjacket b*tch get loose," Tiara says after their fight is broken up. Her weave is messed up and Angelic has a cut underneath her eye.

Blood has been drawn and Tiara has earned the name "The Black Cat."

"The lines have definitely been re-drawn. I don't think Angie will come back to us just because she knows she's no longer wanted," Nastasia said.

Next week on the Bad Girls Club: The games continue with the girls messing with each others stuff and Priscella and Judi get into an altercation.