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Basketball Wives L.A: Jackie's Bachelorette Party and the Ladies Try and Accept Draya

This weeks episode picked back up with the ladies at Draya's BET party. Draya gets up and starts dancing a little and the other ladies are just sitting there looking at her. Imani says that Draya put a bad taste in a lot of the girls mouths.

"Draya is like booty popping everybody and I'm thinking to myself like I know you were a stripper but please get your a** off my back," Laura said.

Draya leans in to talk to Malaysia about drinks and Malaysia tells Draya she doesn't need anymore or she'll probably start getting naked in the club. Draya tells Malaysia that if she's getting naked then Malaysia will too. Draya says Malaysia isn't feeling her and she's not getting her jokes.

"I see what time it is and I'm not letting this little chicken head take me to this point," Malaysia said. "I'm gonna move 'cause my motto is knock a b*tch out."

Draya says, "If somebody be the pretty b*tch, it's gonna be me either way."

Jackie says the ladies think Draya is not the type of chick they want around them because Draya is dangerous.

Jackie plans her 16th wedding to Doug Christie, a retired NBA player. She interviews wedding planners for her annual vow renewal and says she wants to go to Vegas and get married on a plane this year.

"If you're always planning a wedding then you don't have time to plan a divorce," Jackie said.

While talking with Laura and Malaysia, Jackie contemplates on whether or not she should invite Draya to her wedding and says Draya hasn't given the best impression so far 

"...I still wanna keep my heart and my mind open and give her a shot because I feel bad for the little girl. I think she should be allowed to come to my bachelorette party. If she acts right okay then that leads her to eventually be able to attend our wedding," Jackie said.

Their first mistake is calling Draya "a little girl." They all need to realize that they're all grown women no matter how much younger Draya is.

Jackie later meets up with her mom and sister. A tearful Jackie says her mom has cancer and will also be her maid of honor at her wedding. Jackie's mom keeps saying she hopes she can hold on to Jackie's wedding. Jackie and her mom break some news to Jackie's sister. Her mom tells her that the doctors said the cancer medication is not working anymore and the cancer is starting to grow back again.

Draya meets up with some of her L.A. friends, poolside, and they start gossiping about the basketball wives. Draya says those ladies are older and more conservative. Her friends tell her to stop being so nice to them.

"I'm a cold b*tch, I'm just waiting cause I'm trying to give the right impression at first but when I turn into the b*tch you're gonna see it. So I'm just gonna go to being mean Draya... and they think I'm a nice girl," Draya told her friends.

Imani meets up with Draya to talk about the "worthless" comment on last weeks episode during the passion party. Imani apologizes to Draya and tells her she is alarmed at some things she found out about her on the internet.

Imani found out that Draya has been arrested for child endangerment and that her child has been removed because he was left home alone in an empty, dirty apartment.

Draya tells her side of the story and clears up rumors. She tells Imani that her son was never taken away from her. She says the media tried to make trouble for her because she used to date Chris Brown and his image at the time affected hers. 

Imani said Draya needs to be prepared to explain her story to the rest of the girls if she wants to hang out with them. But, Draya said she's not explaining herself to anyone because she doesn't owe anyone anything.

Jackie never had a bachelorette party so Imani, Laura and Malaysia throw her a bachelorette party. Draya is excited for the party in thinking that the ladies will finally let loose.

Jackie opens Draya's present and its a gift for Jackie's husband, something for him to masterbate with and Jackie wasn't too happy about the gift. Draya thought she gave Jackie the best gift.

After the gifts, surprise number one walks in, a stripper! He takes his clothes off and bends down infront of Jackie as he takes his underwear down. I don't find that sexy, a man bent over showing butt crack.

"I hope he don't husband is going to have a f*cking fit," Jackie said.

The ladies have singles in their hands while making it rain on the stripper. Surprise number two walks through the door and in comes a female stripper and she started booty popping infront of the ladies.

At the end, Jackie comes to a decision that Draya acted good and she enjoyed her company at her bachelorette party so now Draya is invited to the wedding in Vegas.

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