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Basketball Wives L.A: Jackie's Vegas Wedding, I Do...Again!

This week on Basketball Wives L.A: Jackie and Laura meet up and talk about the wedding plans in Vegas. This is Jackie's 16th wedding with her husband. She shares a secret with Laura and says she's been married to other guys before, three times.

She says she finally has succeeded in marriage and will continue to succeed because she found Mr. Right and Jackie's motto is: if you're always planning a wedding, you don't have time to plan a divorce.

I was just waiting for the Vegas trip because as we know from past Basketball Wives seasons, trips don't always go so well.

On the show Jackie tells her children that her mother's cancer has spread and talks about Skyping her mother in via satellite for her wedding since she is unable to attend physically.

Update: Jackie talks about the loss of her mother due to cancer...
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Malaysia and Imani meet up to talk and get to know each other because Imani says they didn't click well in the beginning.

Laura talks about how hard her life use to be and where she came from recently, a big house and now she lives in a two bedroom apartment. She asks Imani if she can store some items in her house which turns out to be way more items than Imani had thought.

Draya tries to change up her style and does a photo shoot which she says is classier. She says the booty shots are not all the time, even though she was in her underwear for this shoot. She invites Malaysia so she can see what she does because Draya feels like they got off on a wrong start at her BET party.

Malaysia says she doesn't want to judge her off the drunken night and Malaysia lets Draya in and tells her she also did videos once before.

"Look everybody started somewhere, its not necessarily the groupie jump off phase its just the I am single, I can go out and date whoever I want," Draya said.

Malaysia tells Draya that the other girls were discussing whether or not she should attend Jackie's wedding and Draya realizes that it's a test with these girls, to see if she meets a certain criteria. Draya says she's more aware of what is going on behind her back with the other girls and says she doesn't have to prove anything to anybody.

Later on, Gloria meets up with Suzie from Basketball Wives and right off the back Suzie asks Gloria, who is Draya? And Gloria fills Suzie in about all the L.A. ladies.

"L.A. may be crazier than Miami, I hate drama so I just try to stay out of it all, it's hard ya know, I want everyone to like each other," Suzie said. Sureee Suzie lol.

Suzie asks Gloria if she misses Miami and the other girls (Evelyn, Jennifer and Shaunie) and Gloria says no f*ck them, she's over it.

It's the same thing on both of the basketball wife shows; the girls are shown always meeting up for drinks or food in little cliques and then they gossip about the other girls who aren't there.

Jackie invites all the ladies to her wedding hoping the wedding vibe can run off on everyone and they can see what she's about.

Jackie starts to question her decision to invite Draya and says, "oh did I f*ck up?"

Meanwhile, Draya doesn't show up at Jackie's wedding. She hangs out with her friends and gets waxed instead, she says she didn't feel like the invite was sincere.

I think Draya did the right thing by not showing up. Who wants to be in that type of uncomfortable environment with ladies who aren't really feeling you.

Anyway, Jackie's wedding setup was beautiful! Her and Doug got married in their honeymoon suite. I even started to tear up when Doug started crying while he was saying his vows.

Imani says Doug and Jackie set the tone for what a lot of girls are looking for.

Jackie notices after the wedding that Draya didn't show up. Laura says she thinks it is a little rude that Draya didn't even have the common courtesy to call Jackie to say she's not coming.

"Is she at a club, is she somewhere stripping, is she in the bed somewhere and had too many drinks and has five guys with her? Where the hell is this girl at that you would miss something so special?" Jackie said.

Well next week, Draya and Jackie talk and Draya tells Jackie she didn't feel welcomed and that's why she didn't show up. Oh boy!

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